Autumnal Study Break Ideas

Alright, so midterm season never seems to end once it starts, right? As college students, we end up staying up late and waking up early to get those projects, papers, and exams in. And with deadline after deadline, burnout is a very real thing. (Heck, I even had to schedule food in at one point and felt guilty about doing it when I could have been doing another assignment).


I’ve only recently gotten better at viewing study breaks as necessities and taking time for myself as valid. So, without further ado, here’s some mini study break ideas to take in autumn.


1. Take up photography. No, you don’t need the fancy camera. You don’t need to set up a social media account for it (not unless you want to). But if you think something looks cool, maybe an angle of the sun hitting the trees just right. Or a foggy morning over the grass. Take the picture. You don’t need to be a pro if it makes you happy.

2. Take a different route to class. You’d be surprised how quickly your routine might go from feeling safe to feeling so incredibly dull and boring. So, switch it up, even if only a tiny bit. Go check out that art exhibit, or maybe you want to see what’s going on in the robotics lab. 

3. Eat a cookie. Or bake cookies. They smell delicious, and cinnamon can make an entire room smell good in no time. 

4. Walk through every leaf pile you can. Childish? Who cares! The crunching sound effects are worth the fun.

5. While we’re at it, check out the scene around you. Maybe the leaves are changing color by now, or maybe you live in a warmer climate where there’s different plant life. Stop and smell the roses, or save a caterpillar crossing the street. Check out the little things, they might surprise you.

6. Check in with your friends. Terms can move by in a flash, and it’s always good to check up with others and see how they’re doing.

7. Check in with yourself. It’s easy to get so caught up in schedules and deadlines that you forget the one who makes those schedules and deadlines happen - YOU. If you need to reach out for help, please don’t feel afraid to do so by using campus resources, religious/non-religious associates, or advisors/academics.

8. Drink something warm. Hot tea, hot chocolate, coffee with milk and sugar. It can feel comforting as the season starts to turn.

9. Watch a movie. Yes, simple, right? But make it a mini event. Pop some popcorn, maybe hang with friends online or off. Laugh, cry, or freak out at the scary movies together. Happy Halloween!

10. Sing songs to yourself. It might feel silly, but singing or humming a little tune that you enjoy can make you feel slightly better, if only for a while. Dance a bit too if you wish, it can all contribute to de-stressing.