59 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Game Of Thrones Finale

The last episode. Here it is. Wow. I mean I only started watching Game of Thrones less than a year ago, so I am not one of the OG fans, but I sure did love this show.

The last episode is just titled “The Iron Throne”.

Let’s get this show started.

My prediction is that we will see a dead Daenerys, which I am not happy about. Pretty sure Jon or Arya will kill her. I wonder if Cersei or Jaime will make an unexpected comeback. I also think that someone will destroy the Iron Throne. My bet is on Jon because he might be like “Oh it has destroyed too many lives.” I also wonder if the North will just do its own thing. I can see that coming.

1. We get to see the credits one last time.

2. So Jaime and Cersei are still in the credits. That doesn’t have to mean anything though.

3. This really is the only show that’s allowed to have such a long intro!

4. Tyrion sure is not happy about the aftermath of the battle. No wonder. None of us are. He is saying so much with just his facial expressions and no words.

5. Him walking next to the destroyed bell holds a lot of symbolism.

6. Wow there is more of the Red Keep left than I thought.

7. Grey Worm is just done with the world.

8. Oh no. It is snowing ashes. Just like in Dany’s vision a couple of seasons ago. That must mean that the rest of her vision also becomes true: reuniting with Khal Drogo... aka dying.

9. Tyrion is going down. Where Cersei and Jaime are (probably) dead and buried. Or they might’ve survived by some miracle.

10. Poor Tyrion finding his dead siblings... Sure, he might have hated Cersei but he loved Jaime.

11. The Targaryen flag is up. It will probably stay up - even if Daenerys dies, Jon might be king and he is a Targaryen. Or he will put up the Stark flag since he thought he was a Stark during his life.

12. That was a cool shot! The way the dragon is opening its wings behind Daenerys and it looks like she has wings.

13. Also Dany’s hair is back to its full glory with all the braids.

14. Jon is not happy about this situation.

15. Dany is getting quite power hungry here.

16. Arya, don’t stare at her like that. Don’t you dare kill my Dany.

17. Tyrion. Don’t you dare kill Dany.

18. I am just scared of who will kill her at this point...

19. Dany basically only has Grey Worm left at this point. I don’t know if Jon is still supporting her.

20. Jon is still supporting Dany

21. Tyrion, stop trying to turn Jon against Dany!

22. So did Tyrion just admit he is in love with Dany? That has been a popular theory.

23. Tyrion, stop it! Don’t make Jon kill Dany!

24. Stupid idea.

25. It is a terrible thing you are asking, Tyrion. And it’s not necessarily the right thing. Don’t make Jon rule the Seven Kingdoms. He freaking doesn’t want it??

26. If Jon kills Dany, that’d just be the man she loves killing her. Aka love is the death of her. And I don’t like that at all.

27. It is literally Dany‘s vision right now. She is looking at the Throne covered in ashes. I hope she gets to sit on it before she gets killed or something.

28. She gets to touch it! (Also she has really nicely manicured hands. Wow!)

29. Dany still believes that she will build a good world. And Jon is just looking at her crying and I just hope it doesn’t mean he is about to stab her.

30. She still loves him. And he will stab her. I see it coming. I know it will happen.




33. I just can’t believe that love is what kills Dany. She deserved way better.

34. Even if the dragon tried to burn Jon, he couldn’t burn him.

35. Hah... I was even right about the Iron Throne being destroyed. Except it was the dragon who destroyed it.

36. The way they all sit around in a circle waiting for Jon is really awkward.

37. Sam wants a democratic country.

38. So Tyrion wants Bran to be on the Throne?

39. I still am mad about what they did to Dany. She deserved better. She only wanted the best for everyone. Everyone went behind her back. She sacrificed so much and only wants to be good (and the fact she burned down the city was out of character). Jon and Tyrion are claiming to know what’s “good” by saying Dany’s version of “good” is wrong because she doesn’t know what’s “good” for everyone? Huh. Also I am sad that Sansa and Daenerys could never support each other. They basically wanted the same thing: to do good for the people. Dany might’ve even allowed Sansa to take the North and everyone would’ve been happy.  

40. I feel so bad for Grey Worm. Dany freed him and he fought for her for so long and fell in love with Missandei and she was taken away from him and now Dany.

41. Bran, The Broken. What a name.

42. Bran is sending Jon back to the Night’s Watch?? That’s hilarious to me.

43. “Was it right? What I did?” No, Jon, it wasn’t right. It doesn’t feel right to you because it wasn’t.

44. I still stand behind Dany... :(

45. Grey Worm going to the Isles of Naath where he wanted to live together with Missandei!! That’s so sad.

46. Sansa deserves to be Lady of the North though. That’s fine with me.

47. I like that Arya is going somewhere no one has been before. That’s cute.

48. Will Brienne continue writing Jaime’s story in the book? What will she put! What shall he be remembered for?

49. Hey there Bronn. Did you get your castle finally?

50. YESSS SAM GOT TO WRITE THE BOOK OF “A song of ice and fire”. I had read about this theory and I love that it happened.

51. So they choose Bran to be King because Dany wasn’t “good“ enough? Bran knew about all the battles and stuff and he still let everyone die? He should’ve known the ships were gonna attack Dany and kill her dragon and turn her mad?? I mean Bran has not shown any feelings in a long time so they think he will be more kind than Dany?

52. Hahahah Tyrion’s story about jackass and honeycomb in a brother... We shall never hear the end of it.

53. Tormund! I like that we get to see him again.

54. Bye Arya. Have fun discovering the West.

55. So in the end, the Starks pretty much all got their happy ending.

56. Omg they bring Ghost back. No way!!! Everyone was so mad that Jon didn’t let him goodbye and now he pets him again!!  

57. The queen in the North! I like that. At least part of Westeros is ruled by a woman now!

58. The Wall is still standing? Wait what?

59. Oh I saw a little bit of green grass peeking through the snow there. Does that mean Winter is Leaving?


So I think the end was okay. I think there was no way to make everyone happy.

I thought a cool ending would've been if Bran had still been conspiring with the Night King somehow and now the Night King will actually rule Westeros.

Oh well, bye Game of Thrones.


A now, my watch has ended. ;)