4 Amazing Halloween Makeup Tutorials To Try This Year

Halloween is just around the corner and if you are anything like me, you completely forgot about it until now... I am always super last minute with my costumes and doing a cool makeup definitely is easier for me than scrambling together a costume last minute, so here are some amazing tutorials to try this year.




A classic: Black Swan. I have done that several times for Halloween and it just always looks incredible without fail. Throw on some dark clothes and a tutu and tiara if you have that, and you are set! 



A creepy doll is always a great way to go as well. It always looks creepy - what is what you want for Halloween! 



A little self-plug to one of my own tutorials: Skull versus Girl Makeup. If my 17-year old self was able to make this tutorial, you will be good enough to replicate it! 



If you want something less scary, you should look at this alien makeup tutorial. I recently tried it and it looks incredibly cool!


I hope you find a makeup that fits your style! Have fun!