10 Little Things to Remember at the Start of Fall Term

  1. You’ll see many new faces, alongside (usually unless it’s your first year) ones that you recognize. Enjoy their company!
  2. The sun will last. Enjoy while it does.
  3. Weather changes in a snap. LAYER.
  4. You should watch a scary movie for fall. Or, if that’s not your taste, one that makes you feel good and warm on the inside.
  5. A hot cup of tea/cocoa/coffee can make all the difference to start your day.
  6. Smiling (even if it isn’t quite real at first) feels really good
  7. Be kind to yourself. You’re only human.
  8. Be forgiving. You’re still learning.
  9. There’s always time to change.
  10. You will get through this. For now, enjoy every moment you can. I’m cheering you on.