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The Weeknd’s Dawn FM – Ranked

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The much anticipated release of The Weeknd’s newest album Dawn FM was finally sent our way on January 7. This album is quite the change of pace from his 2020 album, After Hours. So far, there have been many mixed reviews online. Some miss his dark, heartbreaking style of music while others seem to embrace The Weeknd’s new sound. Here is my personal ranking of the Weeknd’s newest album from the worst to the best songs.


1.Every Angel is Terrifying

All the interludes on this album seem to find themselves on the lower side of this ranking for me. This interlude is very odd, as it begins with Abel speaking about angels being creatures that are actually quite terrifying when described in the Bible, compared to what we would normally think of them. The interlude then turns into an advertisement for “after life”. 

2. A Tale By Quincy

Quincey Jones is the narrator of this interlude. If you do not know who he is, he is best known as being an American record producer. Hearing him speak about his life is quite interesting, but as someone who is not a big fan of his, it did not really resonate with me. 

3. Dawn FM

I was expecting a bit more from this song, as it is the title track for this album. The introduction of this album being referred to as a radio station (103.5 Dawn FM) made me chuckle, but also brought about a sense of curiosity as to what this album could be.

4. Phantom Regret By Jim

It was a pleasant surprise to hear Jim Carrey on this album, as he is a childhood    favourite for many of us. His words on this piece are really beautiful. 

5. How Do I Make You Love Me?

I found this chorus simple, but catchy. I am not the biggest fan of long interludes at the end of songs, so that was a downside for me. 

6. Out Of Time

This song is so calming. It made me just want to lounge back on the couch and drink a nice class of Rosé.

7. I Heard You’re Married Girl feat. Lil Wayne.

I swear Lil Wayne has been featured on just about every artist’s album. Even so, I appreciated his verse as the rest of the song seemed very generic and repetitive. 

8. Take My Breath

This is the first single on Dawn FM that was released, so I have been familiar with this song for months – and I assume many others have been too. This song still holds strong on its own even with its early release. 

9. Less Than Zero

A common theme that I have seen on TikTok for this song is that everyone loves the chorus. I would have to agree. 

10. Starry Eyes

If this song was longer I think I would have appreciated it more.

11. Is There Someone Else?

This song seems very relatable for people when first talking to someone that you like. 

12. Here We Go…Again, feat. Tyler, The Creator.

As a Tyler, The Creator fan, I was quite excited to hear his involvement on the album. As I listened to the song, I was slightly disappointed that I did not hear more from Tyler. However, it still holds strong for me just because of his involvement. 

13. Sacrifice

This song takes the narrative of moving on from a past love. I can really appreciate his vocal abilities as we really get a glimpse of them in this song. 

14. Best Friends

This song basically describes a friends with benefits scenario that starts to get messy.

15. Gasoline

The Weeknd’s voice in this song is so mesmerizing to me. The low notes that he hits in this song is something that we have not really heard from him before. 

16. Don’t Break My Heart

This is the song that I find myself always coming back to. No complaints about this one. 

Darsi is a general writer for Her Campus Dalhousie. She is a sophomore journalism student at the University of King's College. Being able to travel while writing is the ultimate goal for her. To be able to experience everything the world has to offer while writing about it. When she is not busy working on her next story she will most likely be browsing Spotify listening to her favourite artists, making something in the kitchen, or taking care of her many plants that she has.
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