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The Platonic Love of a Best Friend

Valentine’s Day is most commonly celebrated as a romantic holiday. But if you don’t have a “bae” this February 14th, there is another type of love that can also be celebrated — the platonic love you feel for your best friends. 

The definition of a platonic relationship is, “a relationship in which people share a close bond but does not have a sexual or romantic component to it.” As someone who has experienced both romantic and platonic relationships, both can be very enriching. Above all, my platonic relationships have shown me what it feels like to be loved and accepted for exactly who I am.

When I was in the eighth grade, I got into a big fight (as big as a fight can be in middle school) with my friend group. For days I had to endure the pain and isolation of sitting alone at lunch. Eventually, I met a friend who fangirled over all the same YouTubers as me. We instantly clicked and began to hang out at school, even though we had previously been in separate friend groups. This friend has been there for me through it all and I would not be who I am without her. From middle school awkwardness to high school drama and now being in university on opposite sides of the country, she is my other half. 

I met another one of my best friends when they moved to my school in Alberta from Ontario. We were both quiet but I could tell right off the bat that we would become great friends. We decided to take drama class together and found that drama helped us to come out of our shells and brought us closer together as friends. Not only has this person brought so much laughter, fun and kindness into my life, she always provides a shoulder to cry on when I need it the most. 

In the summer of 2019, I left home for a month to participate in Shad. Shad is a program where you meet youth from all across Canada and partake in STEM, entrepreneurship and leadership activities. I knew that I would meet many new friends at Shad, but I never thought that I would meet my future university roommate and best friend. When we found out that we were both going to the same university, we were so excited that we would soon be on the same coast again. We found an apartment together and have now been roommates since September 2021. This friend is a ball of energy and the funniest person that I know. Any room immediately lights up when she walks in. She is more than a friend to me – she is my home away from home.

With all the love that my amazing friends have brought into my life, it’s hard to truly feel alone. If you’re feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day because you’re not in a romantic relationship, consider the words of wise Phoebe Buffay: “Boyfriends and girlfriends are going to come and go, but this is for life.”

Claire Moser

Dalhousie '25

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