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Ah! Halloween, the holiday that always creeps up on us, forcing us to make the impossible decision of choosing a costume. Halloween is undeniably a girl’s holiday. I get to dress up in a fun outfit, become somebody else and no one can say anything about it. But every year, October 25th rolls around, I search through my closet and realize… I have nothing on hand for a costume.

Costume #1: The mean girls from A Cinderella Story (2004) 

I envied these outfits the first time I watched the movie. I mean the hair, the makeup, the fashion—I was obsessed! The general basis of these outfits is anything baby pink and fluffy. Search your closet for anything pink, then go thrifting and see what else you can find. If you can’t find exactly what you desire, it’s time to do some online shopping. You’ll need some white or pink angel wings and you can use these keywords to find the right clothes: pink fur trim dress/top/skirt, pink mini skirt and pink long sleeve tie-up shirt, I recommend looking on Dolls Kill, Amazon, and Boohoo for these items.

Costume #2: Olive Penderghast from Easy A (2010)

This costume is effortless, classy and you get to wear a corset that will make you feel beautiful for the entire night. All you need is a black corset, which is super easy to get on Amazon, and then a sticker or iron-on patch of the letter A. You’ve got the main pieces done! Next, you need some black pants. I would recommend leather pants since they would bring the look together, but black jeans can also do the trick. Throw on some pearls, heels and sunglasses and you’re all done!

Costume #3: Jennifer Check from Jennifer’s Body (2009)

I swear by this cult film classic, especially since it’s a comedy horror movie about a girl turning into a demon who eats men. Jennifer Check is a cultural icon—plus Megan Fox looked incredible. If you’ve never seen it, watch it and enjoy yourself, then dress up in one of her nostalgic 2000’s outfits. You will need to find a fuzzy pink sweater with red hearts, which I have found on Amazon, as well as skinny jeans or a denim skirt! When shopping for accessories, keep your eye out for heart-shaped earrings as they pull the look together. Pair this outfit with a black wig and ta-da! You’ve now transformed into the demon-eating icon herself. 

Costume #4: The Winx Club fairies

The Winx club was a nickelodeon cartoon tv show that became known for its fashion and was the obsession of many young girls (myself included). I wanted all of these outfits when I was younger, and I still do since they all still hold up to today’s fashion standards. While channelling these fairies, you will want to wear dresses or skirts that are colourful and sparkly. The characters all have y2k themed outfits, so I would go with mini skirts, sequinned tops or matching sets. Now knee-high boots are a must and you’ll need to buy some wings from Amazon too! If you’re good at makeup, I would also suggest doing a colourful eyeshadow look which would complement the outfit. After all of this, you will be wearing the cutest outfit, plus even if people don’t know what the Winx club is, you are still recognizable as a fairy!

Costume #5: Morticia and Gomez from The Addams Family (1991)

These two are the original power couple who were always so in love and would do anything for each other. This couple truly holds the title as one of the best-matched couples in a movie: they understood each other and showed their affection daily. Now, these two have to be wearing all black, especially with dark makeup. In terms of outfits, for Morticia, I would suggest a black dress and the more dramatic the sleeves, the better. To match his beautiful wife, Gomez has to be wearing a suit and a tie or bow tie! This couple’s costume is to die for and would be so much fun to recreate!

Extra ideas:

  • For my couples, we’ve got Mr. and Mrs. Smith. If dressing as these two, wear a black tux and a black dress, add some bruises, messy hair and you’ve got it covered. 
  • For a WLW moment, go for Shego and Kim Possible, although never confirmed, we all felt that chemistry. Now Kim is easy, throw on green cargo pants, a black long-sleeve crop top and you’re done! For Shego, there are full costumes on Amazon, but other than that I would layer two asymmetrical shirts, one a neon green long-sleeve and the other a black tank top layered on top, paired with either black or green shorts.
  • Another idea for two people would be Maddy and Cassie from Euphoria. They truly are soulmates. Speaking of Euphoria, the makeup looks are endless, as are the costume options! Maddy’s most memorable outfit is her purple IAMGIA cut-out matching set. Cassie’s most memorable look is her Halloween Alabama Whirley outfit. I would suggest making your own DIY versions of these two outfits and going for a colourful makeup look.
  • Some more costume ideas: Allie from Burlesque, Barbie, Fembot, Elle Woods, London Tipton and Maddie, Alice from Closer and finally the Spice Girls!

Good luck with your costumes! Let’s make Halloween 2021 the best one yet. 

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