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Whether you are staying here as a commerce student or decided against leaving the ocean to go back home, Halifax is an exciting place to be in the summer. This article will detail the restaurants to eat and drink, the things to do and places to explore this summer in Halifax. 

Food and Drink 

If you have been in the city for a while, you are no stranger to the endless places to eat, drink or to spend the afternoon on a patio

For a fanc(ier) spots worth a visit: 

  • Edna 
  • Drift 
  • The Bicycle Thief (their patio in the summer time is the perfect place to people watch)

For a patio afternoon: 

  • Pickford and black 
  • Seasmoke
  • Coburg’s happy hour

If dine-in or sit down isn’t your fancy and you’d rather watch your budget, try getting take out from some of these spots:

  • The nook in the South End (the breakfast burrito is incredible)
  • Steve O’Reno’s cappuccino 
  • Harvest 

Things to do

This section is an ode to the carless folk. Even though things like hikes and hitting the beach do require four wheels, there are so many things to do with a bus pass or your two feet. 

Point Pleasant Park

I am biased, but this is my favorite place to walk or run in the city. Grab a coffee from Coburg and wind your way down here. If you like dogs, Saturday mornings before 10 am are your prime!!! 

Thrift shop: The loot, The Black Market, etc

If you are in search of a time commitment, thrift shopping is up your alley. The loot on Barrington is a curated vintage store that offers unique pieces and a good place to take a mirror selfie. The Black Market has affordable earrings and items to browse for hours. Value Village in Bayers Lake is a classic – my roommate found ten dollar TNA sweatpants there.

Regardless of where you eat or explore this summer, Halifax will not disappoint.

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