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10 Holiday Movies & TV Specials to Cozy Up To This Holiday Season

The holidays are just around the corner which means that it’s the perfect time of year to watch some movies and TV specials to get you in the holiday spirit! With so many different movies and specials out there, it can be quite difficult to choose what to watch. Here are some of my favourites to help you narrow down that search.

1.How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000 Jim Carrey Version)

I was told that my mom always put this movie on around the holidays when I was little. And for some reason, I prefer this to the animated version. This is a classic film that no one should miss around the holidays. 

2. Elf

You cannot go wrong with a Will Ferrell movie. One of the most iconic moments in this movie is the scene where Buddy is eating spaghetti with his dad’s family and he adds the most absurd toppings to his meal. For Buddy, these unconventional toppings stick to the elf’s four main food groups: syrup, candy, candy canes and of course, candy corn. This is a must-watch film – full of comedic relief. 

3. Shrek the Halls

This holiday TV special is about Shrek as he learns how to celebrate the holidays with Fiona and their kids. After being released in 2007, I have seen it air on TV every year since. One of my favourite children’s movie series is Shrek, so having a Christmas edition with these characters is truly a dream come true.

4. A Charlie Brown Christmas

If you love Charlie Brown as much as I do, I am sure that you have watched this holiday special. How could you not want to watch Snoopy and the gang around Christmas time? Throughout this film, we see Charlie Brown attempt to bring his friends together while directing a Christmas play to brighten his mood around the holidays. 

5. Home Alone

The story of Kevin battling the intruders in his home after being stranded by his family on Christmas is a beloved movie for many. The other Home Alone movies that followed do not even compare to the original. If you have not yet seen this movie before, let this holiday season be the first that you do.

6. Frosty the Snowman

The animated movie, Frosty the Snowman, tells the story of the snowman that came to life with the magic touch of a hat. This is a great children’s movie to watch with a younger sibling. There are three movies in this series, but the first one will forever be my favourite.

7. The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

This movie just brings me back to my childhood days. There are two other movies in this series, but this one is my favourite. In this movie, we see how badly Jack Frost wants to take Santa’s place. Overall, this is a pretty goofy film but if you’re in for a laugh, look no further.

8. Santa Claus is Coming to Town

This special follows the story of how Santa came to be the jolly gift-giver he is today. It answers burning questions, such as why he lives in the North Pole and why he gives gifts to children in the first place. This special makes me want to curl up on the couch with a blanket and a hot chocolate in hand. 

9. Arthur Christmas

This is one of the newer holiday movies to come out. This movie follows the story of Santa’s youngest son who is hoping to give a misplaced gift to a girl before Christmas morning. The movie is not too long, so if you are stressed about studying for finals, take a break and watch this heartwarming tale unfold.

10. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

This is one of my favourite TV specials. It takes the audience on a journey to understand how Rudolph came to be the reindeer who saves Christmas during a snowstorm (with his bright red nose leading the way for Santa’s sleigh). This is a tale as old as time, as this stop-motion TV special first came out in the 1960’s.

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