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Hello Wildcats and fellow HerCampus readers! We are back with another Wildcat Book of the Month January edition. 

These are by far my favorite articles to write. Being able to share some of my most cherished novels with all of you eager readers brings me tremendous amounts of joy. 

This month I have picked, Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum. This book was one of my favorites in high school because I could really relate to the main character Jessie and what she was going through during that time.

Jessie had just been through the devastating loss of her mother and as time has passed since then, her father has remarried and is moving them from their home in Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California. The school she is forced to attend is a very prestigious school and much different than the public school she attended back in Chicago. The pace of this book picks up after she receives a rather peculiar email from a contact called, "Somebody/Nobody" SN for short. This mysterious person gives her tips and tricks to surviving their school. 

This book lined up perfectly with my own high school experience. I had moved from one state to the next one, while also watching my parents go through a divorce and my father dating someone new. 

[bf_image id="jfwzr7c8f7fhsq6t3qw4bhh3"] I really hope you all enjoy this month's book of the month! Feel free to post your opinions and recommendations on Instagram and tag @HerCampusCWU! I would love to hear what you are all reading! 

Next month I will have a very special book written by someone here in Washington State along with a small interview on her writing process.


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