Why the Stay At Home Order Should End

I’m pretty sure that the whole world can agree that quarantine is awful because we can’t go out anywhere, see anyone, and are stuck mindlessly scrolling on our phones for hours. However, by staying at home we are supposedly decreasing the number of corona cases that get admitted into the hospital. However, not everyone seems to be following this philosophy.

A lot of teenagers see young celebrities on Instagram posting photos with their friends, making tik toks with random people, and going out to get food. After seeing so many people hanging out, they believe that going out is not a big deal. This is the opposite definition of social distancing. The definition means staying six feet apart from humans at all times yet so many teenagers think that going to their friend's house makes this an exception. They are unaware of where their friends or their friends’ families have been and still risk catching or carrying the virus. 

Friends At The Beach Hugging 1

Obviously they know that we are supposed to be SELF-quarantining which means not interacting with other people. However, we cannot control what millions of ignorant people choose to do. By extending the stay at home order, it is only going to work for people that are already choosing to social distance. For everyone else, it doesn’t do that much because people will still continue to do as they wish without any regard to the people that are susceptible to catching it.

The stay at home order is not effective with grocery stores not setting limits on how many people can be in the store at once. Also, promoting the idea of “helping small businesses” to buy food from their stores is increasing the number of people that go outside. Although the intention is good that it will decrease the spread of the coronavirus, it will not work effectively because of the number of people who choose to do as they please and believe that the virus will not get to them nor will they catch it and spread it to others. 

So please choose to stay home and stay safe.