Why I Won’t be Using Tarte Cosmetics Anytime Soon

In January, Tarte Cosmetics decided that they were going to surprise everyone and come out with a “Shape Tape Foundation” in two different formulas matte and hydrating. The excitement following the “Shape Tape Concealer” made for everyone to be extra excited to see this new foundation! When Tarte released a photo of the new foundation with color swatches, makeup lovers were not pleased to say the least. Here is the image with the swatches that Tarte released: 

So as you can see, there is a WHOLE LOT of “light” skin tone shades, for almost any skin tone and almost any undertone a light skinned person could have. Well, the problem with that is there were only 3 “dark tones” and I mean, do these even look “dark toned” to you?   

Beauty bloggers were furious and posted tons of YouTube videos showing the color choices or the lack thereof choices for any person of color. To be honest any person who is darker than a light/medium shade would have had a very hard time finding a color that worked for them. 

As a light skinned woman, I have never had a problem finding shades to match my skin tone, BUT that does not mean that I am oblivious to the problem at hand. When Rihanna came out with Fenty Beauty, she changed the game for all makeup brands and she set a new standard that we all assumed would be followed by future makeup launches… I guess we were wrong. It is extremely disappointing to see Tarte Cosmetics just completely leave out half of the population when they created these shades, it is insulting and just flat out f*cked up. 

I encourage anyone who has a voice, to use it and show companies like this that is isn’t going to fly anymore, its 2018 its time to be inclusive. 

If any of you would like to see a short version of all of our favorite bloggers ripping on this product, check it out here on this link: https://youtu.be/ejkj7hWzuTo 

Hey HC chapters, did any of you see some salty reviews for this foundation release? If so leave us a comment in the box below.