Why I Didn't Like "Before the 90 Day's"

One of the biggest national television networks struck gold back in 2014 that would lead to several spin-offs and some lovable and not so lovable characters. That’s right, I’m talking about TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé, or more specifically, 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 days. The show 90 Day Fiancé is a reality T.V. series where these people from the United States happen to find love overseas and become determined to bring their loved on to the oh-so-wonderful U.S.A. Acting like American heroes these people take on the responsibility of bringing over these stranded people from a “third-world-century”, trying to make their love spark before their 90 Day Spousal Visa is up. Now, most of the time, these people come to the U.S. to take the ignorant person money and then break up only to get their dream of being in America, or so the show depicts this as so. In 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Day’s, couples are getting ready for the great move over the U.S. but this time, the person from the U.S. visits their helpless partner in a “dreadful third-world-country”. Although this show is horrifically stereotypical and exactly how Donald Trump envisions immigration, the show is addictive and makes good T.V. Now that I’m stuck at home in quarantine, my mother has successfully gotten me hooked on the show, but I do have some conflicting thoughts about this show. This season has been different than most. Now whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, I’ll let you know what these issues are.

Scam Artists

Original Illustration by Megan Charles for Her Campus Media

Although scamming is not an uncommon occurrence to this show, this season has been particularly more obvious. David no last name who is SIXTY YEARS OLD from Las Vegas, Nevada found this Ukrainian girl named Lana no last name on a dating site, and oh get this she is TWENTY-FOUR-YEARS-OLD! So shockingly they have never called each other or met in real life. Apparently, they have been “dating” for seven years, but he doesn’t even have her phone number and can only talk to her on the dating site when they are both active, how romantic. David goes to Ukraine five times trying to meet her, but she never shows, but this time, she shows when he offers to keep working on her visa. When asked if she gets money for the dating site to talk to men, she refused to answer.

Another couple like this is Ed no last name who is fifty-four and Rosemarie who is twenty-four. Rosemarie is from the Philippians, and although she is a total scam artist trying to come to the U.S. I can’t blame her for wanting to leave. Viewers of the show say her living conditions of a rat-infested home where she sleeps on a mat and showers out of a bucket. Like I said, maybe her plans weren’t so bad but unfortunately, she is still not genuine.  

Broken Hearts

It’s no surprise that couples tend to break up either on the show or after the taping. However, most seasons viewers tend to have at least one couple that we route for and hopes to make it forever. But this season, there is not one couple that made it, all of them broke up either on the show or after the taping. There is nothing more agitating to watch than a plot or love story that goes nowhere! Now I’m concerned as a viewer and fan of the show, what is going to happen on the next season of 90 Day Fiancé? There is no couple to transition to the original show. I guess we will have to see what they come up with.

Unlikeable Cast

a man and a woman sit on a park bench looking frustrated Vera Arsic | Pexels

I don’t where TLC casting finds these people on the show, but they need to find someone better. This season had the most annoying American’s I’ve ever seen on the show, in my opinion. These people come from the U.S. and when they come to their partner's country all they do is whine and complain about how much their hometown sucks. Like what are their expectations? Not every country is westernized, and nor should they be. I just think it's rude yet funny to watch these people get so annoyed when they go to a different country and don’t get the first-class treatment. On other seasons the person from the U.S. sort of knows what to expect so they don’t complain as much, but this season, these people are awful and ignorant, in my opinion.

So, there you go, these are the reasons why I didn’t enjoy this season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. It’s disappointing as a long-time viewer of the show to have such an uneventful and drama field season. I for sure will continue to watch this show, even though I do have some strong feelings, but I’m hesitant about what to expect from now on. What did you think about this season, and will you be watching in the future? Also, what are your favorite memes from this season? My personal favorite is anything having to do with “no neck Ed”. Anyway, stay safe ladies, and take care!