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Why Have I Been Recently Consumed with Wanderlust?

I would say pretty recently I have had a strong urge to travel and I’m not quite sure what has led to my lingering thoughts on this matter. My theories are that I want to make up for lost time and adventuring since I literally did not go anywhere this summer and because my trip to London was unfortunately canceled. Traveling to any destination right now obviously puts your health at risk because a pandemic currently exists, but this is the leading cause of why I continue to reminisce on old trip memories since I have nowhere new I can go. I scrolled through old pictures on my phone of last summer when I went to New York and it felt like it was much simpler times then. Large gatherings of friends and family were normal, and I never thought once to put on a mask in the overpopulated city! Now I reflect on the environment we are all currently surviving in and it makes me truly appreciate the past. In hindsight, I feel like I took a lot of my freedom for granted, but regardless of my reflections, I need to stop dwelling on how perfect I thought life used to be.

[bf_image id="q725f2-awv7v4-5l5xw2"] There is value in trying to find the beauty of living in the moment or even planning a little forward into the future. In regard to travel, maybe this is the time I should use to start planning a road trip with a small group of friends or schedule an overnight retreat somewhere local for fun! It feels amazing to surround yourself in a new space even if it is temporary because it can help shift your perspective! This is how I felt about moving back to Ellensburg for school because I honestly needed a change.

If you have been experiencing dreams of traveling as much as I have, think of small ways you can support that dream so you remain happy and healthy such as going on a scenic drive somewhere new. I would love to hear how other individuals are getting by during this difficult time so share your ideas with us at Her Campus!

Leslie is the Vice President and Chief Editor for Her Campus Central Washington University. As a senior at CWU studying English Literature, she hopes to one day become an investigative journalist. Her many interests include playing tennis, watching The Office, and traveling. Leslie is from Issaquah, Washington and she has been writing for Her Campus for two years.
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