Why Avril Lavigne’s Latest Album, “Head Above Water” is Bomb and Gives All the Feels

I think it goes without saying that many teenagers and young women who grew up in the early 2000s used to enjoy listening to Avril Lavigne and her pop/punk music religiously. At least in my case that is how much my friends and I would listen to Avril at sleepovers and in our parents’ cars. Many years have passed since Avril’s first album “Let Go” released in 2002 with the hit songs, “Complicated” and “Sk8er Boi”, to her latest album, “Head Above Water” that came out recently this year. Head Above Water displays a variety of feel good music ranging from a collaboration with Nicki Minaj to soft piano melodies and love songs. Additionally, the album carries an emotional component for Avril Lavigne as it speaks to her battle with Lyme Disease. Even though time has obviously elapsed since Avril’s debut with her classic nostalgic pop songs, her vocals and sassy style remains timeless. Here are the top three notable songs from Head Above Water:

Dumb Blonde (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

This collaboration with Nicki is amazing as it contains two powerful women with two powerful voices. It is a quality women empowerment song with lyrics like, “I’m a babe, I’m a boss and I’m makin’ this money”. The tune tackles the common stereotype that blonde women are incompetent, which both women disprove with their sass and leadership. Watch out readers because there could be a music video coming soon!

Tell Me It’s Over

Tell Me It’s Over by Avril is yet another fantastic love song that is gaining popularity. The melody begins soft and gradually gets louder when Avril sings about her confusion about whether her relationship is going to last. There is happiness and war in every relationship, but she can’t seem to rule one out. This song has a music video released and sets all the vibes right so definitely check it out.

Head Above Water

Head Above Water has been the most highlighted and popular song since the album’s release and is additionally what gave Avril inspiration to name her album cover. This song was her first single in five years which many fans waited passionately for. Head Above Water is a beautiful piece played softly on the piano and focuses on Avril’s’ struggle with Lyme Disease. Avril had to pause her music career for a few years due to her condition, but her song carries a powerful message encouraging everyone to get back up after a fall. This song remains truly inspiring and influential to Avril and her fans. The music video has been released for this song and captures the positive energy we all need from conquering struggles.

I hope an article like this inspires more women to check out the rest of Avril Lavigne’s quality songs on her new album. If you get a chance to listen, you might find some more favorites!