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Let’s be real, despite all of the scandals surrounding Amazon, we can’t get enough of it. Shipping an item to our door in as little time as overnight is too good not to take advantage of. But there is more to Amazon than what’s just on our main page. These Influencers, more accurately described as Amazon Influencers, have a platform where they post their finds from Amazon fashion, from which consumers can follow their individual links to their Amazon Storefront.

I talk mostly about the fashion side of the community, but these Influencers also post items such as kitchen appliances, tech, makeup, skincare and basically everything that normal Influencers promote, except every product promoted comes from Amazon’s website.

Amazon Fashion Instagram Page

Now, you may be asking: what is so special about these Influencers? The answer is simplicity. I think I speak for most people when I say that the most frustrating thing about shopping on Instagram is finding something you love, but either the post doesn’t have a link to the item or you have to install a separate app to even shop that store. With Amazon Influencers, you simply see a cute product, click the link in their bio and get easily directed to their storefront where the product is within easy reach.

Most influencers also have organized folders that can help everyone navigate their storefront easier. It’s such a simple design for endorsements that I’m shocked didn’t happen sooner on more platforms.

A couple of my favorite influencers include @thehouseofsequins and @vivacious.honey on Instagram!

@thehouseofsequins on Instagram
@vivacious.honey on Instagram

Go give them some love and peek at some of their featured items!

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