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Summer is FINALLY approaching! This means tan lines, beach hair, and fresh fruits! 

If you are like me, your diet changes when the weather gets warmer. I tend to cut out heavier meals and substitute more greens and fresh fruits and veggies into my diet. 

Here are few delicious summer recipes that can be enjoyed at your kitchen table or beside the ocean. 


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I have found a new breakfast obsession. Smoothie bowls. The fun thing about these babies is you can customize them to fit your dietary needs. For me, I tend to use alternative milk like oat or almond along with Greek yogurt. If you are vegan you can substitute the Greek yogurt for things like coconut milk yogurt or soy milk yogurt. These bowls have tons of natural sugar due to the various fruits but if you want it sweeter, I would suggest adding agave or a dash of brown sugar. Here are a few recipes to get you started! 


[bf_image id="q2wim2-1wj21k-8otkmn"] Watermelon is my favorite snack but I have found that each time I bring it to the beach, it ends up mushy and not as fresh. There is a recipe from Baked by Rachel that turns a watermelon into "fruit leather". This is similar to the consistency of a fruit roll-up. It takes 3 hours to cook which is the perfect amount of time to pack your beach bag and your cooler. Then once it is cooked, it only requires a 10 min set up time. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.


[bf_image id="q7k22x-1atj0g-3svyxv"] Once that summer sun starts beating down, I know it is time for Sangrias. These are best served chilled, or my favorite way, like popsicles. They are filled with fresh fruit, and they are so good you can barely taste the alcohol. Be careful, these suckers go down like JUICE. 

I hope you all enjoyed my summer recipes list and try them out during your next beach adventure! 


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