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When All Your Friends are 21

Summer birthdays are the best until you realize you are the baby of your friend group. Late birthdays are a blessing: sun, pool parties, and blended mix drinks? Come on, what more could you ask for! But when you are impatiently waiting to turn 21 it's definitely a curse. In college, the bar scene is a great way to meet new people, keep you out of house parties, and get out of the house on the weekends. A lot of you are probably on the wait list to FINALLY TURN 21, but remember there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Here are a few things that we think make the waiting game a little easier. 

Take some time for yourself

Not being able to party with your friends might be a bummer, but you can catch up on some quality alone time. For once you can sit, contemplate what pizza you want to order, and watch choose your favorite netflix show. Instead of always having to make sure the whole group agrees on something. You can finally choose whatever show you want to catch up on, and watch at your damn pace. You can dance around the house, and listen to that embarrassing music that your friends don’t like.  As long as you go to bed smiling, it’s a W!


Find some time to spend with your family 

All your friends will be occupied at the bars, so why not take your little brother to a movie, maybe even get some dinner with your family? Family time is hard to find in college, so take advantage of the time you have can spend with them. When Friday rolls around, think about how fun the weekend would be at home with mom or dad, instead of going to a house party for 20 minutes until the police come and shut it down...


Homework, homework, homework! 

As college students, we try our best to usually balance out school work, a healthy diet, time to work out, and even a part/full time job. Throughout the week you are so caught up in classes, so take time you have on the weekends to catch up on the studying, and overwhelming papers you need to get done. You will thank yourself Monday morning, trust me. 


Movie dates

Whether you are in a relationship or not, movies are always a great time.  Instead of spending your money at the bars on alcohol, get some good food and go see your favorite movie! It’s hard as a college student to find time to go see movies that are in theaters, so take time on the weekend to eat some 12,000 calorie nachos, and watch the hottest actors do their thing. 

Remember, Ellensburg DOES have a movie theater! Here is the link: http://www.ellensburgmovies.com/gmc_html/gmc_html_showtimes.html 


Embrace being the DD

Most importantly, be there for your drunk friends at the bars. Being the designated driver is never fun, but being there for the ones you love most is very satisfying. Be the G.O.A.T. for your friends, take them to dominos, drive them to McDonalds, even hold their hair out the window while they yack! Being there for people who would do the same for you is what makes a great friendship!


If you have a cold case of late-bday disease, don’t you worry, you have been waiting your whole life the be 21. What is a couple more months? Everyone waited, you just get that extra time to spend your money on bomb food, and get funny ass snap chats of your drunk friends! Remember, you might be waiting longer, but your day will come!

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