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Vitamins have really become a hot topic within the last year. But with the abundance of vitamins available to us, how do we decide which ones we need and which ones to avoid? Vitamins are an excellent way to supplement any minerals that we are lacking due to our diet or genetics. It’s estimated that a staggering 92% of the U.S. population has a vitamin deficiency. So chances are, you need some vitamins in your life! I used to feel very overwhelmed when it came to the vitamin world. I had no idea how to figure out what I was lacking or even the purpose each vitamin serves. However, after some researching, I found some new vitamin subscription services that do the work for you. I am now more comfortable and knowledgeable with what my body needs. These are some of the services I’ve found.


Thanks to my mom, I tried out the Ritual Vitamins. She gave me her barely used bottle of their vitamins. The bottle comes with a 30 day supply to be taken 2xday. I didn’t notice a huge change while taking them, but once I finished the bottle and stopped taking them, I noticed a huge change! I felt cloudier mentally and super tired. I hadn’t changed my eating or sleeping habits, so I’m convinced it was the vitamins. If you don’t know where to start, Ritual is the perfect place! Their vitamins are a multivitamin packed with 9 of women’s essential nutrients such as iron, folate, vitamin e, vitamin b12, and magnesium. You can check out their website to read up on the specific roles of each nutrient. And maybe even check out their subscription. They offer great deals and coupons for first time subscribers. 


Another vitamin subscription I’ve tried is Goop, owned by Gwenyth Paltrow. They offer 5 vitamin packs available via subscription or single month purchase. I specifically tried the ‘Why am I So Effing Tired?’ pack. Their subscription divides the pills into a 30 day supply. Each packet contains 6 vitamins (which wasn’t my favorite). I’d rather take one vitamin and be done. But for some, I’m sure it’s fine! Their vitamins contain a high dose of B vitamins, biotin, and vitamin A just to name a few. I tried a sample pack of this series which only includes 3 days worth. Given the short amount of time, I didn’t notice a difference but I would definitely try their product again. You can check out their website to read all about their vitamin pack options. 


I have yet to try vitamins from Care Of, but they are next on my list. What I love the most about their service is their vitamins are personalized. The first step in their subscription is to take a quiz to determine your specific nutrient needs. This is super reassuring because I know that I would be taking what my body needs. According to their quiz, my subscription would include iron for energy, vitamin D and magnesium for bones, and ashwagandha root. Even if you aren’t interested in their service, their quiz can be really valuable to find out what vitamins you should be supplementing. 

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