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What’s the Deal With Hydro Flasks?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

Whether it’s the various colors, metal structure, or the temperature-control technology, Hydro Flasks have become a staple in most young people’s lives. But why is that? Is it simply a pop culture standard, or are Hydro Flasks really a ground-breaking water bottle? Whatever the reason may be, I know that I love drinking ice cold water out of my Hydro Flask. 

Kayla Bacon-Group Yoga Outdoors
Kayla Bacon / Her Campus

So, let’s dive into what makes Hydro Flasks different from other water bottles. Hydro Flasks feature double-wall vacuum technology that has been used by numerous other companies but ties it up into a cute and stylish device. The double-wall vacuum is what helps keep your drinks ice cold or hot as hell. Hydro Flask was created in 2009 in Bend, OR, and after gaining traction in the outdoor and athletic community, they struck a chord with Millennials and Gen Z-ers alike. Maybe it’s because they represent saving the planet, as they are a more earth-friendly alternative to your average plastic water bottle.

But let’s be real, Hydro Flasks look better than most water bottles. They come in so many different shades and are a great canvas to show off cute stickers. So that’s probably why most young people like them; they’re cute. And there’s no shame in liking something because it’s cute, so keep on sipping your ice-cold water out of your Hydro Flask! 

No matter what water bottle you use, it’s still better than a plastic one. Hydro Flasks remain popular because of their looks, as many other water bottles have the same temperature-controlling technology that Hydro Flasks do. So keep on sipping and stay hydrated!

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