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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

Whether you were a material girl who collected American Girl dolls like Pokémon or a casual connoisseur of American Girl literature, I am sure that most of us have stumbled upon American Girl at least once in our lives. Consequentially, we chose a girl that we liked best. Today, we will explore what your choice of American Girl says about you.

Kaya’aton’my/Kaya (1760)

You were and still are the kind of person that could spend hours out in the woods making “potions.” You constantly had dirt under your fingernails and scrapes on your knees. Your favorite Disney princess was probably Meridia. You desperately want to move into a van or into a little house in the middle of nowhere. Out of all of your friends, you would survive the longest without technology and I love that for you.

Felicity Merriman (1765)

You went through a Hamilton phase. But not just any kind of Hamilton phase, I’m talking Miku binder Thomas Jefferson Hamilton phase. Generally speaking, you were and probably still have an affinity for musical theatre and your favorite song from the Unofficial Bridgeton Musical is If I Were a Man. You were also probably a horse girl.

Josefina Montoya (1815)

You grew up to be an absolute baddie. You are the type to have airbrushed-looking skin and perfect hair and nails at all times. You also probably have a large Tik Tok following. Aside from that, you are a general joy to be around. Odds are, you’re pretty extroverted and just the life of the party.

Kirsten Larson (1845)

If you were a Taylor Swift era, you would be Lover. You are very soft, put together, and mentally stable. You love antiquing for those soft, princess home décor pieces and your favorite movie is probably Titanic or another similar sad romantic movie.

Aduke/Addy Walker (1855)

You would give the shirt off of your own back to help someone in need. You’re the kind of friend that people call when they’re having a bad day and just need someone to cheer them up. You were put into gifted programs growing up but now, you haven’t picked up a book in years. But despite that, you still give the best advice and constantly spout words of wisdom that are good enough to be published in a self-help book.

Samantha Parkington (1895)

You have been “girly” since a young age and you still carry that girliness with you. You are obsessed with the royal family and go thrifting for 1950’s swing dresses. You pick up a new hobby every other week. Whether it be painting or knitting or candle making, you often get bored after a few days and move on to another passion project.

Kit Kittredge (1923)

Cottage core QUEEN. You would do anything to move into a cottage in the middle of the forest to forage for mushrooms for the rest of eternity. You love a good thrift flip and love to get creative in all areas of your life, whether it be making a gourmet meal from scratch or DIYing some room décor. You write poetry and journal.

Molly McIntire (1934)

You’ve been debating getting a blunt bob for ages now but are not sure if you can pull it off. (Side note: Just do it. You won’t regret it.) You probably had glasses growing up and thought she looked “just like you” even though you are blonde with blue eyes, and she is not. Side note: can we also acknowledge that Molly making Emily play “bomb shelter” was beyond rude and that Molly is lowkey really problematic?

Julie Albright (1966)

Your room (and life) is incredibly colorful, and you have at least one shirt with tie-dye on it. You have an affinity for That 70s Show. You have that one minimalistic rainbow print as décor in your room, (you know exactly what I’m talking about.) The Julie-Albright-lover-to-homosexual pipeline is also a very real thing so odds are, you’re at least a little gay.

As you can see, there is a lot you can learn from someone by simply asking “what was your favorite American Girl Doll growing up?” So now I urge you, when meeting a new person, ask them that simple question and you will know everything that you would need to know about said person.