What it's Like to Travel with Your S.O. for the First Time

Traveling may be intimidating for some, but traveling with your significant other for the first time has a few added challenges. Recently, my boyfriend and I traveled to Arizona for Spring Break by plane. Now, I already have travel anxiety and absolutely LOATHE airports. The number of people breathing the same air and the long lines for security just make my brain hurt. And it turns out, my boyfriend felt the exact same way as me. We both have a mutual hatred for airports and large crowds of people. Does that mean it’s meant to be? I think so. One of my least favorite parts of airports is the amount of waiting that you have to do. As I mentioned before, security can be a real pain in the neck. I wouldn’t consider myself and my boyfriend super impatient people, but standing in a mile-long line for an exorbitant amount puts both of us in a piss-poor mood. And to top it all off, I had to give up my brand new Hydroflask at TSA because I had forgotten to dump the water out of it. Every college girl’s nightmare, I know. They wouldn’t even let me go back through security and dump out the water beforehand.

Once we get past security, it’s usually smooth sailing from there, right? WRONG. You really find out how fast or slow someone averagely walks when you’re trying to find your terminal at the airport. And, come to find out, my boyfriend walks like Usain fricken’ Bolt. And, I should also mention that I’m shorter than the average female, so I have little legs. So, one step for my boyfriend is about three of my strides, comparatively. But, eventually we made it to our flight and all was well with the world.

In retrospect, traveling with your S.O. for the first time is a very doable task. I learned things about my boyfriend that I would have never learned otherwise, and likewise for him.


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