Welcome Reagan Ingersoll: Transfer Student and Machiato Lover

For our first profile of the school year, we wanted to introduce one of our many new transfer students! Reagan Ingersoll is a Junior transfer student from Edmonds Community College, she has tons of exciting hobbies, and loves her major.   

What's your major? "Communication Studies"

Where is your hometown? "Kenmore, WA"

Why did you choose Communication Studies? "I took a communications class my sophomore year in community college and I fell in love with it. My mom graduated with her degree in Communications Studies, and has always told me how versatile the degree is."

What meal could you eat everyday and not get tired of? "Gay 90’s Pizza from Dirty Dave's in Olympia, WA"

What do you miss about home? "Mainly my Black Lab! Her name Brandi."

Why did you come to CWU? "Mainly, I wanted to get away from the West Side of Washington State and break out on my own. CWU has an amazing communications program and I was very interested in COM before moving. I have been hunting in Ellensburg all my life, so I had some idea of the town." 

Fun Fact: "My grandfather has a high school stadium named after him and our family. Ingersoll Stadium at Olympia High School in Olympia, WA."

What is your zodiac sign? "Taurus"

What is your favorite communication class you've taken? "I took an Intro to Communications class at my community college which was amazing, I mean it's the reason I am a Communication Studies major. However, I think my favorite class would have to be my Interpersonal Communications class." 

What are some of your hobbies outside of school? "Hunting, going off roading in my jeep, I really like going to concerts and doing spontaneous things with my friends.

Your favorite coffee drink? "I am a Caramel Macchiato fan, you just gotta have the extra Caramel!"

Favorite song right now and your favorite song of all time? "Shots and squats right now haha, its techno EDM song that is the best to jam to. I have to go old school for favorite of all time, Baba O’riley by The Who."

So next time you run into Reagan on campus give her a wave and say hello!