#Tweetoftheweek: Royal Wedding Addition

So I’m sure each and everyone one of you has been watching updates on the royal wedding since Wednesday of last week, am I right? For those of you living under a rock, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made it official and tied the knot today. For this week’s #Tweetoftheweek we decided to choose one of the sweetest, tender moments we’ve seen in a while and we wanted to make you all saw this as well.

When Prince Harry and Meghan met each other at the altar, Harry said a very sweet comment to Meghan that seriously made the world cry.

And thanks to Good Morning America, we’ve got the tweets.

“You look amazing.”

“I’m so lucky.”



All we can says is tears. New goal in life is to find someone who talks to you like Harry talks to Meghan.

HC Chapters, did you shed a tear or two after seeing this lovely tweet? Share your love and comments below about this magical day!