If you didn't see Chrissy Teigen's tweets on Monday like the rest of the world, you missed out. 

Being known for her hilarious sense of humor on twitter, she started with a tweet of Obama's presidential portrait saying, "come back" and to say the least we all died just a little.  

Then she goes on to tweet the former first lady's portrait saying, "help us".

We’re just gonna say it, we care that you missed out on the Obama’s portraits at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery this last Monday.

We just want you to know, you’re 100 % missing TF out.

Not only were these portraits so unique from any other former presidents’ portrait displayed there, but the portraits were illustrated by artists specifically chosen by both Barack and Michelle themselves. But of course, don’t worry, because per usual we got you covered. Let’s just take a moment to admire the portraits in full effect.

Here's to the man we've all cried over more than once.


And now for our true queen.




The former first lady chose Amy Sherald from Baltimore who is an artist known for painting African American, while Barack selected a New York City painter, Kehinde Wiley.

To say the least, once again we're obsessed.

We love you Chrissy Teigen, Barack and Michelle Obama forever. 



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