Top 3 Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

Warning: The following statements below are not facts, they are popular and slightly outrageous theories brought up by pop culture.

When we are unable to chalk up mysterious “coincidences” to science or religious beliefs we go to the media to give us answers from a new perspective with “proof” to support it. What could Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Avril Lavigne possibly be hiding from us?


Taylor Swift: 

One of the biggest bombshells in the music industry is Taylor Swift. She has many controversial theories revolving around her as do many celebrities. It appears that T-Swizzle is an Illuminati reincarnate of Zeena LaVey, as they have an uncanny resemblance. Zeena LaVey is a former high priestess to the Church of Satan, her father Anton LaVey founded the church in 1966, which Zeena took over for five years between 1985 to 1990. Taylor Swift was born in 1989 which she has made known through her album 1989. With just one year after Swift being born, LaVey stepped down from her position for her to...wait for it…become a country-pop star! Not only do they both sport the power red pout and blonde bob, but Taylor Swift also references being cloned or de-aged in a machine in her “Bad Blood” music video. In her song, “Blank Space” Swift sings “Darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream”, this could be alluding to her past life as a spiritual activist. If you ask me, being Taylor Swift is the perfect coverup.



As a big fan of Queen B myself, I would never bash her, but this first theory is about her and eldest daughter, Blue Ivy. This all started when Beyoncé appeared on an Australian talk show in 2011; as she sits down it’s visible that her stomach flattens underneath her dress. When she was confronted about the situation, she denies her baby bump is fake and says “It was the fabric that folded, does fabric not fold? Oh my gosh, so stupid.” During her first pregnancy, Beyoncé was very private about it and kept it to herself compared to when she had her twins in 2017. She posted jaw-dropping pregnancy photos and was very open about it from beginning to end. This can only mean that Beyoncé had a surrogate for her first pregnancy and kept it on the down-low from the Beyhive.


Avril Lavigne:

We all love the pop-punk throwbacks from the early 2000s like “Sk8er Boi” and “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne. The question has risen, are we even listening to the real Lavigne anymore? What originally started as an online joke in Brazil, blew up in America and we still have not let it down. Allegedly, Avril Lavigne was going through a rough patch in her life and couldn’t handle fame at the young age of 18. She then died under mysterious circumstances and was replaced with a near-perfect lookalike named Melissa Vandella. When listening to her first album released in 2002 and comparing it to her most recent album put out in 2019, the sound of her voice and her style of music has changed drastically. She went from grunge to alt-pop and a higher sounding voice when she sings her ballad “Head Above Water”. Lastly, there has been side by side photos of the “new” and “old” Avril Lavigne and she looks completely different. She has barely aged, her eyes and nose are different shapes and colors. Nothing adds up. The answer as to why she looks so different now was given in 2015 when “Avril” came out to the public about her struggle with Lyme disease. Avril, why did you have to make things so complicated?