Tips & Tricks for New Plant Parents

Plants make any living space wonderful and more importantly, they help reduce stress and improve air quality. We must take care of ourselves and our plants! Quite frankly when I first started my plant journey, I just thought I needed to water them... but I was wrong. Here are ways you can begin your plant parent journey and learn to care for your little babes.

Light & Space

Bright living room area with green plants Timothy Buck Natural light is essential for plants to thrive. Make sure you research what kind of lighting and care your plants require. I recommend checking the care label or downloading a plant app. Avoid placing plants near heaters. Indoor plants prefer being in environments between 60-75 degrees during the day. At night, it ranges from 55-65 degrees. Keep an eye on the temperature!

Things You'll Need or Want

Hello, Her A plant water meter can help you if you have a hard time watering your pots with drainage, soil to repot and change. Growing lights are amazing if you don't have the best lighting. A humidifier can also be beneficial. 


When you are shopping for plants, take a quick second to make sure there are no bugs, mold, or signs of root rot. Avoid buying plants with brown leaves. 

Quarantine Plants

Devil's Ivy growing out of pot Photo by Zinah Insignia from Unsplash Before placing your new plant next to your other ones, let them quarantine for a couple of days to avoid pests. 

Potting & Repotting

If it comes in a pot, leave it in the pot until you need to repot it; most plants aren't ready to be upgraded. Use an appropriate size when repotting so that plants get the right amount of water.

Feed Your Plants

Plants need nutrients. I suggest buying fertilizer or making your own. It helps plants thrive. 

Rotate Your Plants

Check your plants and rotate them often so that they get equal lightning and growth.

Showering & Watering

Potted plants in room Photo by Huy Phan from Unsplash If you don't have a plant meter, your leaves will often let you know if they are withering. Many plants love showering and the humidity! I usually have my plants in the bathroom when I shower. Many plants enjoy the moisture. Let the water sit out before watering. Avoid overwatering plants in the winter. Bottom watering plants have helped all my plants thrive!

Clean Your Plants

To avoid pests, make sure you wipe down your plants. If there are brown leaves, don't freak out unless all of them are! Remember, plants go through a cycle. Don't worry and clear dead leaves!

True Cinnamon Spice

I learned that using cinnamon and placing it on top of the soil helps kill gnats and kill fungus! I use this tip to support my monstera plant and help it thrive!

Prune & Propagate Plant 

Want more plants? Check the lengthy plants and don't have leaves trim them, and propagate them in the water! It'll help plants become full and give you new ones! It encourages new growth.

Plants & Pets

if you have pets, please make sure they are safe from your beloved plants!

5 Low Maintenance Plant Options

Here are some of my favorite low-maintenance plants. 

  1. Monstera Plants: Bright, indirect sunlight is needed. Water once a week.

  2. ZZ Plants:  Bright, indirect sunlight is needed. Many people often forget about this plant, and it thrives!
  3. Pothos: Bright, indirect sunlight is needed. Water every week when the soil is dry!
  4. Chinese Money Plant: Bright, indirect sunlight is needed. Water when soil is dry!
  5. Peace Lily: Bright, indirect sunlight is needed. Water once a week. Leaves will wilt if it needs water!

Overall, plant parenting is not easy, but it doesn't have to be extremely difficult, just be patient with yourself. You can do it! I hope this guide helps your plant journey!