Tips & Tricks for Long Distance Friendships

Distance can definitely take a toll on friendships, especially ones that have thrived on geographical closeness for a long time. I can personally relate to this as right before my senior year, I moved halfway across the country. I knew it would be rough, as all of my friends still resided in my small hometown of Pella, Iowa, and would continue on with their senior year without me. But none the less I’m not the type to let myself be forgotten, so I made extra sure to keep connected with the people I love most. Now, I’ve been at this long-distance thing for about a year and a half, and don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect, but here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned to keep the connections with my friends. Even if they are over 1,000 miles away.  



I know this one sounds obvious, but it is soooo important! In today’s age of technology, it’s easier than ever to shoot a text, snap, or DM over to your friend no matter how far away. I’m not a big fan of Snapchat streaks unless I genuinely talk to the individual every day, but I’ve found joy in even just seeing some people’s faces through my phone. It’s the little things that really count in my opinion, and even just sending silly selfies back and forth all day makes a difference for sure. Also, just talking about the little things that happen throughout your day, like if you saw a cute dog, tell them! You stepped in mud and got it all over your white shoe? Complain to them. Letting them in on the little things, not just the big helps me really feel closer to them. 


Now, this option isn’t always possible for everyone, because depending on the distance, things like plane tickets can get really expensive. But nothing beats having your besties visit where you’ve moved to. It will definitely make you closer to have some understanding of their new life, and even better, you have someone to show you around who lives there! I saved up last summer to have my best friend Emily come out to visit and even though it was like four days, those days were the highlight of my summer. We had a whole new city to explore together and showing her around was so much fun. A must do if you can. 


Again, another obvious one but the difference simple FaceTime or phone call can make does wonders. You can text all you want, but nothing beats talking face to face or hearing someone’s voice. It reminds you of them and I feel as though you can almost emulate hanging out with them for real a little better. For instance, sometimes my best friend Emily will FaceTime me while I’m with my friends here, and we’ll just prop up the phone so she can see us all, and it’s like she’s basically there with us. It not only is the closest you can get to hanging out, but it’s also bringing them into your life a little bit, which is great for understanding the life your friend has across the country. 

Send Memes! 

For the most part, we all have some form of social media. And I know that if I see something funny, often times it reminds me of someone. It’s a small gesture, but sending a stupid tweet or meme that made you giggle can go a long way. It gives you more to talk about and you can share a laugh from a distance. I’m a part of a group chat on Twitter, and even though I don’t talk to or see the people in it every day, anytime I get a tweet from them I feel just a little more connected. As if we’re all hanging out and telling jokes. Again, I live for the little things, so when someone sends me something because it made me think of them, it means a lot.  


So, these are just a few tips from my personal experiences, and I hope that if you ever find yourself in a familiar situation that you can use them yourself. In the end, good friends are what makes life good, so even if they’re halfway across the country, you don’t have to lose them. And if you keep up with each other it makes seeing them finally even more special. Just remember that yeah, it’s going to suck sometimes, but no matter what, friendships are worth it. And besties from afar can be just as good if not better than the ones in your zip code.