Tips for Becoming Financially Successful This Summer

What do a lot of college students rely on summer break for? Laying out in the sun and getting a constant cash flow is usually the answer. This summer I will be starting a new job working for Edward Jones Investments and I am pumped to be learning so much about financing that could save me throughout college. Many students plan on working over the summer since school work is not taking over their schedules and while this is all relatable, I want to go over tips on how to save your money in easy little steps.


Make Your Bank Your New Friend

Sometimes, talking with your bank about questions or options you have for saving makes the job all that simple. I have learned from the past, talking with a representative will help with gaining knowledge about your bank and all that they have to offer, even options for student loans!


Every Paycheck You Have a Chance to Save

This is true if you are dedicated to putting aside money every month for things you might want in the future. One of my financial plans this summer is with every paycheck I receive, I am going to put a portion of my earnings into my savings account. If I continue to do this constantly, I will watch the saved money grow over time.


Don’t Splurge on Eating Out

This is always easier said than done but in the long run, if you continue to eat out and not stay in to cook meals, you’ll see that you are missing out on money that could have been saved. Bought meals whether they differ in price still add up! This is often a trap that I fall into because buying food is less the hassle, but I can do a better job reminding myself of the reasons I want to save.


Take Advantage of Student Discounts When Applicable

As a student, you can score on pretty good discounts at stores and entertainment and still save money! I love retail therapy just as much as the next girl, but when the situation arises you must save money in any way you can, even if that means just a couple dollars off.


Make a Budget

Making your own budget every month is always a great idea when trying saving money because it allows you to plan in advance your spending and can also help recover from debt. Budgets can be helpful for paying monthly bills while also putting money towards things you want.


I really hope these tips give some insight into ways you can save money this summer while working. You can make this hot season less financially stressful just by taking small steps to save!