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Tik Tok’s Couch Guy and Why He’s Definitely Cheating

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On Sept. 21, a young couple’s life was changed forever. It was then when Lauren Zarras posted a video to her TikTok account. On the surface, it seems just like any other cute long-distance relationship reunion. A girl (Lauren) surprising her boyfriend (Robbie) at college after a long period apart. But at second glance, something seems off. He’s sitting on the couch with not 1, but 3 other girls and he does not look thrilled to see her. The general consensus from over 60 million viewers was that this man was cheating. I know that I am not supposed to give my opinion here, but I think he’s definitely cheating on her.

My first piece of evidence was collected by Tik Tok user @user10q6 where the brightness from the video was enhanced to reveal that the girl next to Robbie on the couch had her head on his shoulder. You can see in the reflection that her head is rested on his shoulder. When Lauren approaches the couch, the girl next to Robbie scoots over twice. If nothing wrong was happening, why would she scoot? What is she hiding? Another confirmed piece of evidence is the fact that Robbie grabbed the phone out of the girl’s hand. Also at 7 seconds, you can see Robbie’s face and he looks like a deer in headlights, caught in the act of cheating.

I think that the most prevailing evidence is the reaction of Robbie and everyone else in the room. I know for me personally, when I enter a room after my boyfriend hasn’t seen me for a period of time, he can hardly stand still because he’s so happy. After some digging, I found that the universities of these two lovebirds are 629 miles apart. That was either an expensive plane ticket or one gnarly car ride, so we can assume they haven’t been together for a while. Not only that but no one looks happy to see her. None of his friends look excited to see her either. No one is greeting her, and they seem to be smirking as if they know something insidious is lurking beneath the surface.

Moving past the scene of the crime, there were several follow-up videos that support my suspicions. The first of which was couch boy’s explanation. His first video features the caption “I love (Lauren). She’s the best.” Personally, this is something that I would say to someone I don’t love all that much. Another video features one of Robbie’s friends who stated that the other girl on the couch also has a significant other. For me, this wasn’t exactly proof of anything. If my friend was being accused of cheating, this isn’t the evidence that I would personally give. I would attest to their good moral character and outright state that they would never cheat.

Finally, I just wanted to supply you with statistics to back up my claims. It seems as if the first time she posted him on Instagram was July 29, 2020, which was couch couple’s senior prom. Of the 7 selfies Lauren has posted since then, he has only commented under 2 giving him a batting average of approximately 28.6%. This is not the supportive hype man that miss Lauren deserves.

In conclusion, I’m not sure if this evidence would hold up in a court of law but honestly, I just think you have to give the video a watch, the vibes are just off.


Megan is an elementary education major and an early childhood education minor. Outside of Her Campus, she is the secretary of Central's PUSH chapter and works as a lab assistant. She loves to write on beauty, lifestyle, and the occasional spicy political take.
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