Tiara's Positive Social Media Habits

In the media world we live in has been rough as of late. With all of the accusations made against the toxic impact social media has on young people, I think we need to change our perspective a bit.

The fact of the matter is, social media is extremely toxic, if you aren’t using it in a positive way.  What I love about Instagram is that it gives even the least creative people an outlet to express themselves. I’m not even sure if that was the original objective for the app but they nailed it. The problem with “Insta” that it is being expressed all throughout the internet is that is creating a negative perspective for many of its users, specifically the teenage/young adult female demographic.  After some serious reflection a year ago, I decided to make Instagram a more positive and productive platform, here’s how!

Stop Comparing Yourself to Celebrities and Instagram Models

I am going to tell you exactly what your mom would tell you, those girls probably don’t even look like that and you’re beautiful. Even if those girls do look that, it doesn’t take away from your beauty.

Sometimes I find that it is best to remove those accounts all together, if following someone doesn’t inspire you or make you feel good about who you are, what’s the point?

Don’t Follow People You Don’t Like

A follow up to my previous Don’t, don’t follow people to judge them! You wouldn’t want someone to do that to you. I get being a good friend and following their ex’s previous or new girlfriend to do a little investigating, but be nice! Odds are, someone has done the same thing to you but would you rather be the bigger person or on their level?

Express Your Personal Brand

Avoid not posting things just because you don’t think they’ll get a lot of likes because who cares… literally one week after your post it you probably won’t even care. I love adding a celebrity quote or a movie scene screen shot to spice things up from your typical #OOTD or high school throwback. It will also show your great taste in cinema (hopefully).

Don’t Base Your Self-Worth On Your Following

Friendly reminder that your value is not dependent on the number of random people on social media that approve of your selfie. I will be honest, I raise an eyebrow when I see that my friend has gotten 600 likes in 2 hours and I’m sure that if that were my picture, it would be my new favorite picture. But you aren’t anymore or any less important to the people and things that matter in your life if you have one follower of one million.

Follow Accounts That Inspire You

OH MAN, do I love a fashion and lifestyle account. It is my greatest source and inspiration for new trends. The beauty of Instagram, is that followers are getting all the latest trends from across the world just by following these accounts. As an aspiring fashion blogger myself, I love that these accounts not only provide inspiration but a reference.

But Instagram is not limited to blogging, there’s beauty, cake decorating and pimple popping. So find your thing and follow it, I promise it’s out there.

I think we should all take a page out of Jen’s book and consider this while scrolling through social media. If you don’t like someone, don’t follow them and your value as a person is not measured by the amount of people that follow you that you will never meet. So stay updated with your friends, follow your favorite celebs and stay inspired!