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Three Simple Summer DIYs to Revamp Your Wardrobe

It’s time to break out your summer clothes! I’ve been seeing so many cute outfits on my Pinterest feed but I am…cómo se dice…broke. That’s why I’ve found three super easy summer DIYs to upcycle some old items into brand new grammable pieces!

Denim Shorts

If you are a DIY queen you’ve definitely tried this one out already but for all my besties who aren’t so crafty, here’s how to make your own perfect denim shorts!

What you’ll need:

1 pair of jeans




First, you’ll want to try on your pants and mark the leg with chalk about an inch longer than you want them to sit. I like to cut mine at a slight angle, with the inseam being a bit longer than the outer edge. Then take off your pants and cut along the line! Now you can see if they need to be shortened. Once they’re the perfect length, you can take your scissors and cut two parallel lines anywhere you want to distress the denim. To make rips, simply start tweezing out the vertical threads! It might take some time but trust me they will be adorable!

Scarf Top

All you’ll need for this DIY is a large headscarf. Simply fold your scarf in half with two corners touching (like a triangle). Then wrap the scarf around your back and double knot in front! Voilà, a brand new top!

Strappy Bralette

You’ve probably seen this one on your Tiktok FYP at least once, but here’s how to do it.

What you'll need:

A large T-shirt


For this DIY, lay your shirt flat and cut a straight line all the way across just under the armpits. Next cut the hem of the shirt off and then snip it into one long strip of fabric. Then take the tube-like piece of fabric and wrap it around your back. Once you have it centered, take your strip of fabric and loop it down through one side and up through the other. To finish it off, wrap the strip around your neck and tie it! The great thing about this top is that you can adjust how revealing it is and you can tie the string in a bunch of different ways!

I’ve already done two of these DIYs and I will absolutely be thrifting some jeans and making myself some denim shorts this summer. Let us know which one of these you’ll be trying out over on our Instagram! And as always,


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