Three Products to Keep in Your Beauty First Aid Kit

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Finding skincare products that work with sensitive and acne-prone skin can be difficult but I was able to use the First Aid beauty this week and it did wonders to keep my skin hydrated in the dry Ellensburg weather. I used three products, the cleanser, ultra repair cream, and the primer. 

  1. 1. Face Cleanser

    The cleanser gets makeup and grime off without any pulling or tugging. It feels nice and doesn't leave your skin feeling dry afterward. I only had a little amount and it went a long way and got everything off! 

  2. 2. Ultra Repair Cream

    Face mask and other spa items

    I have been using a salicylic acid face wash to help with acne and it leaves my face super dry. After putting on my regular moisturizer I have been putting the Repair Cream over it and my skin is 10x more hydrated then before and is no longer begging for moisture! 

  3. 3. Coconut Priming Moisturizer

    Skincare morning routine

    This product is a godsend for people with sensitive skin, it doesn't make you flare up and deeply moisturizes for the application of makeup. It doesn't leave a greasy finish and leaves a glowy finish. Even for a minimal makeup user who rarely uses makeup let alone a primer, this stuff changed the way my foundation laid on my skin and I didn't feel dry after taking my makeup off!

These products worked well for me, it's all a personal preference but I would highly recommend them. I have felt intensely hydrated all week and my skin is looking really good and clear. So go out and try First Aid Beauty!