There's More to Your Zodiac Sign

I’ve gotten very lucky with my journey into astrology because I identify with my sun sign and declare I’m a Pisces with pride. However, there are times I look at the characteristics and find myself acting the complete opposite of my signs. This seems to be a common occurrence for people and I can tell you why.  If you don’t feel you identify with your sun sign, which is the most common sign based only on your birth date, or if you just want a deeper understanding of your sign, looking to your birth chart is your best bet. 

There’s a bunch of free resources online to find your complete natal chart, and each section of your chart means something different. For me, I find the most value in my sun, moon, and ascending signs.

Sun shining from behind clouds Pixabay

Sun Sign:

Your sun sign is categorized as your ego. It's what you show the world unconsciously and is definitely a huge factor in your personality. Since it is a big factor in ourselves one of the main reasons it is sometimes hard to identify with your sun sign is because it is the person you are trying or learning to become. It signifies the type of person we want to be. For water signs, you're want to the deep emotional connections in life. Fire signs you strive to be successful and reach your aspirations above all else. Air signs are driven by their intellect and want to obtain all the knowledge on their passion. Earth signs your sun sign represents the desire to connect, to the Earth, your community, yourself and those around you. 

Moon Sign:

The moon sign is who you are inside, the 'hidden' you that comes out when you're alone or with your closest friends and family. It's the driving force behind emotional responses and desires, both positive and negative. If you need to recharge or reconnect to your inner self, look to your moon signs and find what you need to heal your mind. Water signs are known to be the most emotional signs in the Zodiacs and that shows how Moon in water thrives in situations based on emotion and their need. When your moon is a fire sign you need constant change to feel comfortable. Fire signs excel when life is exciting and not particularly heavy, so as emotional situations arise fire signs would rather deal with it and move on to the next happy occasion than dwell on the negatives.  Air signs love stability and constant change isn't their ideal situation which definitely transfers to their emotions. Air signs love to have a close circle of people to consistently express their emotions and ideas without having to worry about judgment and change. Lastly, Earth signs the most grounded of the signs prefer to focus on reaching a goal and not the emotional aspects of life; that's not to say Earth signs aren't emotional they just prefer to recover quickly and move to the next, hopefully, happier, time in their lives. 

Rising Sign:

Your rising, or ascending sign is how you socialize and relate with people around you. The rising sign is the combination of the sun and moon signs in the sense that it connects you to both your inner and outer world. Water signs are empathic and allow their environment to influence them greatly and unsurprisingly their outward personality and approach to life are based on emotions. Fire signs, however, are confident and outgoing, always blunt and love action. Fire signs can often be the life of the party and want to leave a legacy behind. For our Air signs, their wit and inquisitive nature allow them to understand the people they encounter. Air signs are friendly and love to talk to whoever will listen. Earth signs are very matter-of-fact and dependable, which allows them to not only keep themselves in line with their goals but keeps those around them motivated, as well.

All in all, your sun sign is a great place to start with understanding your Zodiac, but to get a complete understanding of how the stars aligned to make you who you are looking deeper into your other signs is your best bet. The "big three" of your signs will tell you a lot about yourself but you don't have to stop there! Your personal chart can tell you about how you love, how you dream and how you think if you choose to learn more.