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The Scooter Revolution & Why You Should Join

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

Ahhh, Spring weather. Grasping our pale outstretched hands, lifting us out of our Vitamin-D deprived homes and eradicating any sign of seasonal depression whatsoever. Each year, Spring reminds me of my deep appreciation of the outdoors that seems to slip my mind in the winter months. By spending more time outside, I’ve noticed a new mode of transportation gaining popularity due to the sunshine. What is that mode of transportation, you may ask? Only the new coolest way to zip around slow walkers and skip out on parking tickets: scootering.

As someone who personally owns a scooter, I’ve become hyper-aware of the increase in scooter usage on our CWU Campus. But where has this surge of scooter enthusiasts come from, and why are people finding a newfound interest in the sweet two-wheeled ride? In this article, I’ll be listing reasons why I love to scoot, and why you should join The Scooter Revolution.

Reason #1: Learn How to Ride in NO Time!

With other modes of transportation such as skateboarding, a potential rider needs to invest a lot of time and effort into perfecting or even becoming mediocre at the art form. With a wide base and a handlebar, scootering allows beginners to get up and go on the fly, with little to no practice at all. If you’re someone with a tight schedule who wants to channel their inner Ramona Flowers on your way to work, scootering looks like a glorious option of transportation in your future. 

Reason #2: No Parking? No Problem.

Parking passes at universities can be over $200, and that’s assuming that you’ll be able to find a parking space. I’ve often found that if I’m not on the road by 10:30 AM, I’m either in the boondocks of parking lots, or plain out of luck. With scooters, there’s always a trusty bike rack waiting to store your precious wheels- free of charge! In all seriousness, it’s actually really nice knowing I won’t be late to class because of parking and can give myself a little extra time to pick out my outfit in the morning.

Reason #3: Developing The Scooter Mentality

I’ll admit, scooters are a little bit dorky. But this burden of embracing the scooterista lifestyle allows you to see things in a new light and develop what I like to call The Scooter Mentality. Riding them may look a little silly, but choosing to go out every day looking slightly foolish allows you to dissolve stupid insecurities prohibiting you from putting yourself out there. Riding a scooter teaches you to not care about what other people think, no matter how funny you may look gripping onto your handles going 13mph while wondering if this next crack in the road will be your downfall.

Overall, I believe the hype around scooters is well deserved, and believe the mode of transportation as a whole is still underrated. I hope to see more and more people around campus filling up the bike racks with scooters, leaving more parking spots available to our students who live off-campus, and joining me in The Scooter Revolution.

Gracen is currently a senior at CWU studying Film Production. Some of her interests include photography, making art, watching movies, and listening to music. This is her fourth year writing for Her Campus.