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Sun Kissed Confidence with L’Oreal


Who is ready to have some sun kissed skin again? Let’s be real for a moment, everyone is counting down the days until spring break for that little summer moment. In the summer we all have that little confidence booster with our lightly tanned skin and immediately feel 30x sexier then how we felt in winter. It’s a known fact with tanned skin, boosts your confidence by 30%. Who doesn’t love feeling sexy?


With L’Oréal’s Sublime Bronze towelettes you will immediately have that sun-kissed confidence that you were looking for. Have no time to get a spray tan or risk the tanning bed? These towelettes are the perfect way to enjoy your skin the color you want it to be and not having to risk getting a skin disease. For a week of spring break goodies these towelettes are a must honey!

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