Summer Reading List For Every Mood

Summer is the only realistic time we have to browse Barnes and Noble, and get lost in a good book. We like to think we have time during winter and spring break. But winter is spent shopping and spring break is spent intoxicated, so summer is our opportunity to do a complete lifestyle overhaul... Or compare every relationship we’ve ever had to a fictional character. Here is a reading list that covers just about every major genre, that will keep you inspired, creative or a complete basket case all in one summer.

“Healthy is the New Skinny” by Katie Wilcox

Good For: When you need a rational perspective.

Katie Wilcox, is committed to helping girls decipher the real from the fake in this lifestyle book. Learn about what a truly healthy lifestyle means to you, in a no nonsense book about every individual’s self worth and how it is not based on the size of their jeans or their following on Instagram.


“White Fur” by Jardine Laibire

Good For: When you want to read a classic you can relate to. 

Follow two star crossed lovers with an urban twist in this romantic-drama. A Romeo and Juliet story, except Juliet is the bad-ass and Romeo is the damzel. They both defy their squads and run from their problems until they can’t run anymore. A modern love story that hopefully won’t end in tragedy.


“I Had A Nice Time and Other Lies” by The Betches

Good For: When you need to laugh at your love life, or other people's. 

The sad realities have never been more funny, The Betches have graced us with yet another guide to the subject everyone wants to talk about and include the ugly truths about love that no one is mentioning. Even if you can’t relate, you’re still guaranteed a laugh and a solid movie quote.


“Luckiest Girl Alive” by Jessica Knoll

Good For: When you need to realize that there is no such thing as having it all.

Ani, comes to a point in her life where she feels the need to reinvent herself. After successfully doing so by achieving the perfect man, the perfect job and the perfect wardrobe, the skeleton in her closets start to resurface and an ugly way. Read by Reese Witherspoon “as a real page turner” I’m sensing a twisted version of “Sweet Home Alabama” definitely essential to this list.


“Bad Feminist” by Roxane Gay

Good For: When you want to wear your pink women's march hat but you also want to wear bra.

To all the women in full support of feminism but not quite ready to stand out in a crowd with a sign and no shirt on, Roxane Gay explains her perspective on feminism how you don’t have to be an extreme participant to be a supporter.

“Just Another Number” by Maggie Young

Good For: When you need to rememnber that male validation is for squares.

How often do you evaluate your list of sexual companies? Most of us do our best to avoid or not even include some of one night stands. Women are taught to be modest or discrete about their sexual past and Maggie decides to to expose hers and all of the other less than lovely experiences she has faced living in a world where women seek validation from their male counterparts.


“The Crocodile Bird” by Ruth Rendell

Good For: When you find out your summer fling had 3 other summer flings.

A crazy mom story just in time for Mother’s Day, a reality I’m sure we can all relate to. But when Liza discovers that her 16 years of isolation has been more than an extremely close mother-daughter relationship but has be sheltering a more than a few not-so-secret habits of her mother’s, Liza realizes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Whether you are studying abroad, staying home or god forbid, staying in town; These books are sure to offer enough adventure, self-renovation or a better vocabulary, at the very least. We’re all looking forward to sunny weather a good book and a tall Lavender Lemonade.