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The Student Discounts You Need to Know

I’m guilty of not taking advantage of the hundreds of student discounts out there that are available to us. I’ve used a few in previous years, like when I purchased my first laptop ever the beginning of my freshman year. Now as I’m approaching the end of my senior year, I’m honestly kicking myself for not taking more advantage of student discounts sooner! That’s why I chose to dedicate this week’s article towards the best discounts I could find for you. I hope you find these usable and helpful towards your bank account. This is probably one of the only period of time in our lives that discounts are so readably available for us to use. Save some money while you can! Check out the discounts below

  • ASOS – 10% off
  • H&M – 15% off
  • Flights – via skyscanner.com
  • Apple – discounted prices on laptops and ipads
  • Amazon – prime student deals and free 2 day shipping
  • Nike – 10% off
  • Glasses USA – 55% off non-premium and clearance frames
  • AMC – 35% off
  • Hertz & Enterprise – 25% off (this can help towards the under 25 fee)
  • Costco – save $60 at sign up
  • Topshop – 10% off
  • New York Times – 50% off 1 year subscription (After discovering this, I signed up!)
  • Kate Spade – 15% off
  • Steve Madden – 10% off 


If you take advantage of any of these student discounts we’d love to know! Happy money saving, (: 


Senior at Central Washington Univ. majoring in Psychology. Trying to spread kindness and joy in everything I do.
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