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I’m going to cut to the chase- I love magnet poetry. It doesn’t matter if those little magnetic words are displayed at a store, on a friend’s refrigerator, in the corner of a small bookshop downtown- I will fiddle with the magnets for hours at a time, making tiny poems out of every syllable available. Since I have found out about my love for them, I have bought a few magnet poetry kits and find making poems out of them a super fun hobby. Below are a few poems from my Magnet Poetry series, all made from (you guessed it) my magnet poetry sets. 

a poem for a perfect baby

with small fingernails

& bright spirit

gleam here below the silent sky

in spring we will mourn him

under the cross

but on this night

he is beautiful


she brings sweet summer

at night

as if the shadow of my

silent song is too bright

for morning


Listen to the universe:

Everything will grow and wither.

Let flowers sprout,

Let yellow morning shine.

Breathe through life my child,

Bloom your future.

unturned pages

as I dig deep

let my library learn

all of you


I use my wish

to kill all my secrets

so the cold romantic in me

will love from her

big heart

& is able to sing the blue moon



do we find wisdom in travel?

our old souls wandering the world

cracking open the novel of life

to discover truth in language

to vividly dream and be inspired

by beautiful people

as if every day is like another story

or did you just make an


Gracen is currently a senior at CWU studying Film Production. Some of her interests include photography, making art, watching movies, and listening to music. This is her fourth year writing for Her Campus.