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Must-Have Staple Shoes For Your Minimalist Closet

Not everyone can afford the newest, trendiest, shiniest pair of shoes each month. Let’s be real- as someone living on a college-student budget- new shoes come around only a few times a year (if that). So how can you stay on top of the fashion game without burning your cash? Here are five types of shoes for your everyday closet that will match your fits and won’t go out of style.


A neutral sneaker may be the shoe I see worn the MOST by the general population. I believe a lighter color sneaker of any brand, whether it be Nike, New Balance, or Steve Madden, will go great with a more street-style look, relaxed outfit, or even business casual. I would also try to aim for a more classic brand of the sneaker as well, like Reebok, to make your look last even longer.


Sometimes, we don’t have time! Laces, staps, buckles, all of these can be a hassle when trying to rush out the door. This is why having a good slip-on shoe that matches everything can save a lot of time in the morning. A fun pair of slip-on Vans can be a good choice (I’m currently obsessed with my cream-colored velcro Vans), but an easy zip-up Doc Marten boot can be a good choice as well!


Sandals can be a good slip-on option that works for many different occasions. From any outdoor adventure to casual events, a good pair of sandals can be your best friend. You can’t go wrong with a pair of Chacos, as there are so many styles and colors to choose from, but if you’re wanting a classier sandal, that’s a great staple pair to have as well. I recommend if you do choose a pair of Chacos, pick colors that will go with the majority of your closet so you can get the most amount of wear out of them.


Living in Ellensburg, WA, things will start getting a lot colder pretty soon. Instead of freezing your toes off in sneakers, a stylish all-weather boot will have you feeling warm and cozy while looking put together.


Make sure you have a shoe that you LOVE in your everyday closet! Does this pair have to match all of your outfits? Nope. This pair exists solely for your pleasure and to pull out on special days that will put a skip in your step. For me, my chocolate-colored Cowboy Boots are a sparkling diamond in my armua! Even in a more minimalist closet, I think being able to have at least one pair of shoes that exist for your happiness instead of just functionality is a must-have.

Do I think it’s okay for you to expand beyond these basics? YES! These are here for you to build off of, helping you create a dream closet that stays concise. With these basics, it will be easier for you to get ready in the mornings, your outfits will look more coordinated and you won’t have to spend money on more pairs of shoes just to have something for every occasion.

Gracen is currently a sophomore at CWU studying Film Production. Some of her interests include photography, making art, watching movies, and listening to music.
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