Spring Time Motivation

As the weather is warming up, more activities are becoming available and people’s overall moods are getting lighter with the thought of summer being so close. School has taken a back seat position for some people. Focusing on one thing when you know your friends are out enjoying the weather and are having fun is a lot harder than it used to be, which then causes people to pause their school work for unknown amounts of time. Of course, if it is going to help your mental health by taking a break, then go for it, but we still need to remember that it’s not summer yet! 

Woman sitting alone on beach Photo by Cody Black from Unsplash

I have found that some of the best ways to still enjoy this great time of the year but still stay focused are to take your homework with you. If you go to the lake with some friends, turn it into a study date. If you need to take little breaks in between your assignments, do that but remember to come back to your main job. 

group of people studying and reading at a kitchen table Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Especially on weekdays, try to remind yourself that your schoolwork right now is your job and that it needs to be a priority. Whether that means waiting to see your friends until the evening or having to wait until the weekend to really enjoy yourself. You’ll need to be very self-disciplined to allow yourself to really have fun and not stress about the little things in the long run. 

three silhouettes in orange sunset Photo by Levi Guzman from Unsplash

Just remember once you get through these last few weeks you’ll have a couple of months to chill and enjoy life however you choose to! We are so close to the end, don't give up now!