Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Spring is the time for cleaning. It’s getting to that time where school is just hitting you in the face with more assignments, more events, and basically more crap that you have to shove into your tiny dorm or apartment. But, I’m here to tell you that keeping things organized is easier than you would think. With just a few tricks, you’ll be able to see your bedroom floor once again!

First thing’s first, don’t throw your dirty clothes on the floor. Always, ALWAYS have a dirty clothes basket that you can easily toss your clothes into once you’re done wearing them. I know this may seem easy for the most part, but once you throw one piece of clothing on the floor, you end up with a mountain of dirty laundry three days later. And once it’s full, do your laundry. Or, just set a day every week for laundry.


When it comes to keeping bathrooms clean, I struggle a little bit. No one likes getting down on all fours to clean a toilet or bathtub, but you have to just bite the bullet and get down to business. I like to set a day, usually Sunday, to deep clean my kitchen and my bathroom because those rooms can get pretty dirty, pretty fast. Once I have my music blasting and my comfy clothes on, I scrub and wipe until there’s nothing left.


And my most important tip; clean as you go. Don’t let dishes and trash pile up by cleaning it up when you’re done eating or using a dish. It seems simple, and it is, but taking the extra time to clean up after yourself can make a huge difference. I really believe that keeping things organized and clean can help take away stress and clutter in your brain.


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