Some of My Favorite Wineries in Willamette Valley, OR

If any of you love wine, you'll definitely want to visit Willamette Valley in Oregon. There are a ton of reasons to go wine tasting with friends or family, whether you're looking for a new type of wine to drink, a fun experience or just some quality family time you'll definitely find some of it here! Some places can be rather expensive, but some are cheap and and an easy way to drink a bunch of different wines without having to buy 6 different bottles. There are some wineries where you can get their hand crafted wines for under $20! Which is a bargain if you consider some of the prices from the more spendy places ($135 was the highest I saw on my trip). 


Yamhill Valley Vineyards

If you are looking for a more lowkey, relaxed and less expensive trip, go to Yamhill Valley Vineyards (McMinnville). 

This winery is perfect for a good glass of wine and a decent tab on the way out. You'll enjoy the wine, just as much as you enjoy the scenery, take it all in and enjoy yourself! Flights range from $10-$15 and they're yummy yummy yummy. 


Argyle Winery

Now when it comes to cool, this place is it. This winery has a fun feel the second you walk up the front entrance, from the steel beams to the amazing wood all over the building, you will definitely enjoy the view. Since Argyle Wineries are in the city of Dundee, OR but don't you worry about missing a "winery view" because the whole place is a show stopper. I really enjoyed their wines and I highly recommend this winery to people who like good wine. 

Argyle offers three different tasting flights at $20 each. One fee is waived with each 2-bottle purchase.


Domaine Serene 

I had to use two photos, because COME ON... This place is absolutely beautiful with an expensive price tag to match, pricing is $75 a person for a 90 minute wine tasting experience. Now don't get me wrong, this place isn't all bark and no bite, they have some incredible wines for you to taste and they will not disappoint! it doesn't stop at the entrance or the vineyards, this property is so beautiful you could stare at it for days.  ​

You'll definitely have to save up a couple weeks of tips to afford this place, but the experience is worth it because you feel like royalty for an hour and a half. I highly recommend!