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Social Media: They’re Only Showing You What They Want You to See

In today’s society, privacy is is a luxury and we willingly give it up every time we like, share or agree to the terms of every website we sign up for. People that we aren’t even interested (and vice versa) are showing up on our timeline on a regular basis. We are offering up what we’re eating, who we’re hanging out with and what we’re wearing just for the sake of doing so.

Most of us in the millennial generation have completely bought into this labyrinth that is Social media. All accounts are linked and active on a regular basis and we can hardly go more than an hour without checking them. With the world at your fingertips, how can you look away?

Young men and women are not influenced the same way that they were in the past. Girls that had huge gaps and wore the same BobbyJack t-shirt three days-in-a-row, now average about 300 likes on an Instagram post. Girls that are looking forward to high school dress like they’re already in college. And they’re all making an living on a strategically placed vitamin bottle and we feed into it every time we open up an app.

Although, social media and traditional media have created this wonderful world of opportunity for all of us, it’s easy to get caught up in the “why not me” mentality.. And not the good one.

Comparison is the devil and we dance with it everyday. We follow beautiful, interesting and creative people on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook fantasizing or picking apart the idealistic image the crop, filter and post on our TLs. What we often forget is that like most people, life is not just a collage of colorful Acai bowls and long, flawless hair. Your Birkin Bag and Louboutin collection may determine your net worth but it should never determine your self worth and most importantly, smoothie bowls and Hermes bags are great, but it’s never the whole story.

People are only showing you what they want you to see. You can choose to buy into it our you can choose to make the fantasy a reality for yourself. 


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