So, What are VSCO Girls?

A phrase, or should I say trend that has been frequently mentioned on social media lately is “VSCO girl”. I admit I had to research what this meant as I tend to live under a rock. To summarize my findings, “VSCO girl” refers to a lifestyle or aesthetic among young women who use the photo editing app, VSCO. Apparently, there is more to an official “VSCO girl” than just utilizing the beach-themed filters presented through the app. The highly popularized trend also includes its own culture of fashion and accessories. This article will be my attempt to explain and display the influences of a “VSCO girl”.

Tell Me More About the App

You can download VSCO on any mobile device through the app store and there is a free version to edit your photos if you don’t feel like paying for a membership! The free version of VSCO will get you 10 unique filters and you can upload your pictures from your phone. Some filters have a beach-inspired look while others are just typical black and white. When you have a few polished images saved into the app, you can create a journal or collection to incorporate all your favorites. Make sure to share your creations with your friends and influencers through the app and post them on social media! A feature I love about the app is creating your own profile linked to all your dedicated work. VSCO has its own social media platform inside the app and this allows you to post publicly or enjoy everyone’s pictures from around the world!

VSCO Fashion

To obtain such a title, clothing and accessories are a necessity to complete the trend. According to Chelsea Stahl from NBC News, “You'll probably catch a VSCO girl wearing a scrunchie, Birkenstocks and drinking from a Hydro Flask”. Just from reading the well-known brands listed, one can assume that “VSCO Girl” style is very chill and laid back. After all, you wouldn’t want to wear Birkenstocks in a professional setting. Over sized T-shirts and shell necklaces are also key features to fit this relaxed lifestyle.

VSCO Culture Today

VSCO Girl” can mostly relate to the Gen-Z population and memes have been popping up everywhere on social media to poke fun at the trend. Although there is a lot of laughs and mockery over the idea or life as a “VSCO Girl”, VSCO as an app has undeniably gained a lot of popularity among all young adults. According to Rolling Stone, “…VSCO, a photo editing and sharing app with about 20 million weekly active users, the majority of whom are under the age of 25”.

Enhancing pictures after they are taken is something if not all of us have done at least once. Maybe there are pictures in your collection that you wish could have been brighter or in a different kind of lighting. With the technology available today, memories we capture can now be how we imagine them, and they can resonate with our personalities on a level of creativity.