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As we all know self-care is very important for everyone whether you want to admit it or not. A lot of things that people will count as self-care for them will be retail therapy, getting food or drinks, etc. Mostly material things, which is not always a bad thing, but it gets very expensive really quickly, and if you do that more than once or twice a month it can really hurt your bank account. Plus you should be taking some time yourself to benefit your mental and physical health more than just a couple of times a month. 

Being someone who is in college and quite frankly has to live on a tight budget, finding a little pocket of money for self-care can be scarce. My top 10 self-care tips on a budget are all things that you can either do for free or under $30.

  1. Take a walk
  2. Lay in the sun/sit outside 
  3. Go to the gym (most college students have a membership to their school’s rec center already paid in their tuition)
  4. Take a warm shower/bath
  5. Face mask/spa day 
  6. Get your nails done 
  7. Watch the sunset/sunrise 
  8. Clean a certain area in your home or your whole home 
  9. “Spring cleaning” 
  10. Go get yourself a treat

Self-care is very important and should become even more important. It does not need to be anything fancy or expensive, just something that allows your brain to focus on something else for a while and to just breathe. Giving yourself that time will hopefully better your whole being in one way or another. 

Henley is a freshman at Central Washington University and is trying to find her passion. As a freshman, she is still looking into what career path she is interested in. Some of her interests include going to the gym, watching movies, cooking/baking, and just hanging out with friends!
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