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school for good and evil adaptation Problems

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

Now for all my book freaks out there, we all know what to expect when a book-to-movie adaptation happens. It is usually something we have high expectations for and then is supremely let down. This was sadly true of the adaptation of the School for Good and Evil.

There were many parts that were left out of this movie and if you have read it you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t, I am sorry that you missed out on so much awesomeness.

Here are the things I didn’t like in The School for Good and Evil (2022):

The School Master’s presence

He literally isn’t even supposed to be in this movie till the very end. And the whole story that they introduced the twins with was so-so. I did love Kit Younger!

No Background Info

I cannot even imagine not reading this book and then watching the movie. You missed so much information. The only reason I understood the movie was because I had read the book.

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Wishing Tree

Literally, what is this tree? This was a literal eye roll.

No Trial by Tale

This was one of the best moments in the book. It helped progress the storyline and it would have been so cool to see everyone using their powers outside of class.

No Talent Show

THIS WAS SO FRUSTRATING. This was the best part of the book. I cannot believe that they even took this part out.

Agatha was never a cockroach

Her mogrifying into a cockroach for half the book should have clued in the writers for the show that this was an important part and should not have been left out.

There is so much more that was missed out on. I loved the costumes, the casting, and a lot of things in the movie. I just found a lot of things lacking.

Read and watch The School for Good and Evil to support an amazing author and amazing actors.

Hi! My name is Katlyn White. I am a sophomore at CWU. I am double majoring in Professional and Creative Writing and Digital Journalism. I am a Cancer and a Ravenclaw.