Rihanna is the Best Human in the World, and We Don't Deserve Her

Recently, Rihanna has been crowned the highest-paid female singer, and to be honest, she deserves it. I can't name another celebrity who has successfully done what she's done, not even half of what she has done. No one has ever made such a strong commitment for their projects to be inclusive in the ways of race, size, ability, and promote strong women. People like to point out that a lot of her $600 million net worth comes from her brands. But they don't seem to grasp that her music is as iconic as her brand endorsements. Here is why Rihanna is the best human ever.

Her Music

Talk about a versatile queen! No matter what Rihanna drops, her music is so good. She has songs for every mood. I mean, if you are lovestruck, listen to "Umbrella". If you are feeling sad, listen to "Stay". If you want to pump yourself up, "Bitch Better Have my Money" is a bop. People have been getting a little ticked about her not dropping any new songs, but the best thing about Rihanna's existing music: it's timeless. No matter what decade, no matter how old I get, I will jump up and down on my bed screaming "We found love in a hopeless place!" I don't even care if I'm single. 

Her Makeup Line

Let me take you back to September 2017; the month where Rihanna blew up the makeup community. It imploded. She launched Fenty Beauty with the hopes of creating an inclusive makeup brand with everyone in mind. Her first launch was a vast fifty shade foundation range. One, if not the best, shade ranges we have ever seen. Too often minority groups are given only a few shades to pick from, with brands not really understanding the fact that there are more variations in deeper skin tones. My queen addressed the issue head-on, and it severely messed with other brand's success and brought a large issue within the community to light. It was heavily reviewed, one being Nyma Tang, a very beautiful deep-toned beauty guru who has a segment called "the darkest shade". She was very impressed with Fenty's shade range and the fact that she was able to find a shade that worked with her skin. Rihanna is here to shake up the world, and change standards. I stan her for that. 

Her Lingerie Line

Savage x Fenty is Rihanna's killer collaboration to create a lingerie line that is for every woman out there. As a plus-size woman, I have bought several of her bras, underwear, and sets and have felt more confident than ever. Too often people are left out of finding the perfect piece for them. Plus-size people have less access to bright and colorful designs, only finding beige within the stores. Women of color can't find a nude shade that is actually their nude. And for some reason, pregnant women aren’t allowed to wear cute lacy underwear, according to most brands. Rihanna's first show included a range of models to really show the versatility of her garments. And they make you feel so much more confident than the overly expensive drab bra you found at the back of the shelf.

Her Independence

No one shuts down the annoying questions like Rihanna. She knows her worth, and won't stop to be belittled or let her value be given by who she's dating. Because it really isn't any one's business who Rihanna sees or doesn't see. Whenever someone asks you a dumb question, just think "how disappointing was that". Rihanna will guide you through other people's insanity.

If that didn't convince you, I don't know what will. This doctor prescribes listening to a Rihanna playlist and looking her up on Google images, hopefully, you recover from your affliction soon. ​