Revice Denim: The Jeans of Your Dreams

Like most of us out there, I am constantly on the hunt for the “perfect” pair of jeans. With skinny jeans quickly being overtaken by the looser, straight leg vintage fit, thrift stores are becoming bleak with options. Being one of hundreds of girls browsing the denim racks, I find it very difficult to find something that fits. A size 25 waist doesn't come easy, and with my abnormally long legs, finding a pair of jeans with the right proportions is nearly impossible, thrift store or retail. This problem drove me to the internet. Like most, I have an Instagram account, where there are a plethora of indie brands doing their promotions and advertising strictly on social media. It was then, about two years ago, that I stumbled upon a brand called Revice Denim. Unlike fast fashion companies which are under fire for their sustainability, Revice prides themselves on being an affordable, made in the USA sustainable denim brand. Making unique pieces that even while seen on celebrities such as Madison Beer and Miley Cyrus, are relatively unknown.  

A self-proclaimed “Direct to Consumer Denim Company”,  Revice eliminates the middle man by strictly selling through their website. Based in LA, the brand handmakes all the jeans they sell. Creating unique designs in small batches for the customer to get the chance to own a truly special pair of jeans. To maintain their sustainability, the team scours vintage warehouses in LA to acquire their denim. None of the “stretchy” denim that fast fashion brands tend to sell, which I’ve found do not keep their shape, are thin, and do not feel like quality. After lusting after a pair of these jeans for years, but never committing to actually buying, one of my good friends ended up getting me a pair for my birthday. After wearing them for around a month now, I can attest to them being the best jeans I've ever owned. 

I was gifted my favorite pair off the website, the Ying-Yang Crops in Tokyo Wash. The two-toned legs, straight fit, and zipper detailing that goes all the way from the front to the back create a unique look I love. There’s no give for the most part in the denim, its thick, structured, and hugs your legs perfectly. My pair is a size 27, though I could do a 25. I recommend if you’re on the fence to go a size up though because as before mentioned, the jeans have little to no stretch. I enjoy the slightly bigger fit on my pair because it is a truer straight leg fit and makes it so I can tuck sweaters or thicker materials into the pants. The zipper running front to back is what really makes the pair for me, besides from the fact that it’s not only fully functional, but comfortable as well adds a detail no one was expecting. Lastly, it’s a crop fit, yet even though I have abnormally long legs, they’re not capris. Personally, that’s such a bonus so all my long-legged sisters, these are for you.  

Overall, I cannot recommend Revice Denim enough. With all styles under $100, deals and sales going on weekly, and such high quality, there’s no reason not to check them out. If it’s your first time checking out the sight, I recommend searching a few of my favorite styles; any of the Yin-Yang collection, The Ex-Boyfriend / Harlow Wash, The Venus Crops / Stargazer Wash, or the True Love / Checkmate Wash. However, no matter what you pick I’m sure you’ll be satisfied. So, go out and snag the denim of your dreams!