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Reinventing Yourself Through a Pandemic with a Side Hustle

My best friend, Kiaya Swartz, like many, was affected by the pandemic. She was working with the Tri-City Americans hockey team in Kennewick, Washington as a ticket sales executive. She was laid off in March right when shutdowns were happening across the world. Was it a blessing in disguise? She could focus on planning her dream wedding, remodeling their home, and keeping as positive as possible through all the uncertainty that the pandemic brought. Kiaya thought like a lot of us that this pandemic would be a very short-lived thing but, what we all discovered is that an end is not anywhere near in sight for COVID-19. She was content with sticking with unemployment, for now, hoping to go back to her job, and was going to hold out while her husband, Colby was working still. After the wedding, she felt like she was just being lazy and needed something more. 

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It started with finding this girl on Instagram and she was using products from LeVel and the Thrive product line. She saw these products that ranged from energy enhancing and weight loss and thought it would be great to try before her wedding in June. She started to see results. Her attitude was different, and she had much more energy throughout the day. She was an avid coffee drinker and drank on average 3 to 5 cups a day, now she isn’t dependent to have coffee to get her going. Kiaya became a firm believer in the vitamins, vitamin patches, shakes, and other products the Thrive line was offering. This sparked her interest to now get invested in the business of LeVel and show others the benefits. 

She started with a promoter pack and began posting and connecting with others. She loved the mission fit with her values, health, wellness, and it was helping others. Self-care started to become more important as well as love and development. Pushing positivity and living by her words was key. The fact that she can help others was something she loved and really believed in spoke volumes. The company seemed so different compared to others she had seen on social media. There was no “cold messaging” meaning you were not just reaching out to push a product on someone. With this company, she had found a community of people who wanted to uplift one another to be the best versions of themselves.

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Kiaya was asked when she first started with LeVel what are your five pillars? What are you most passionate about? It was hard to figure out for her.  But she responded that she was a wife, WSU graduate, adventurer, dog mom, and in debt. This company allowed her to dig inside herself to find her true pillars and passions of life. Kiaya has goals for the future. She wants to be a stay-at-home mom, but she loves to work, the fact that she can work straight from her phone and create her own schedule is a way she can see how she can have the best of both worlds. Right now she feels like she is contributing to the household along with her husband. She is paying the bills and able to have a second income again. A few months back they found out they needed to relocate for Colby’s new job. It was almost a blessing in disguise because she would be able to be move and still work without stressing to look for other employment. 

Are you feeling like you aren’t as motivated about what you’re doing right now and need to get your passion back? Find something you love, just like Kiaya did. Do your research and choose something that fits your lifestyle, values, and idea of the future. Don’t let the pandemic define you, show it who’s boss and be the boss of your life. It's time for the positive changes and growth to shine. Let's show them what we're made of. 

My name is Katelyn Richardson. I am 28 years old. I am currently attending Central Washington University studying for my Master's in food and sciences to become a nutritionist and later a diabetes educator for kids. I've been personally battling type 1 diabetes since I was six years old. I love being outside, vintage shopping, watching movies, and going to stock car races!
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